How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth And Train Dogs To Cooperate presents dog owner Clint Cora shows how to brush your dog’s teeth as well as to train dogs to cooperate during teeth brushi…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

45 Responses

  1. Clint Cora
    | Reply

    Just to answer the question of which brand we use – we currently like

  2. Marya Khan
    | Reply

    Nice techniques.

    | Reply

    Great job! I have a 4 year old Dachshund just given to me, I hope he can
    adapt as well as a young pup. We have begun a little, and each time w do
    it, he seems to be more comfortable with it. And I found just as you do you
    need to sit them up on something such as a counter facing them so you can
    reach both sides of their mouth easily! Thank you for the share!

    | Reply

    Such a cute dog, great job brushing your dogs teeth. Could you tell us what
    brand toothpaste you use, she sure seems to enjoy the flavor!

  5. KANDY647
    | Reply

    And don’t hit your dog to get it to cooperate. This should be a fun thing
    between you and your dog to spend time together. Be patient!!

  6. naturegirlfromny
    | Reply

    watching the closed caption on this is a real hoot!

  7. RKEA Adams
    | Reply

    Very helpful, thank you! Gorgeous dogs :)

  8. Mausie Sylvani
    | Reply

    Very informative, thanks for sharing.

  9. kessleyandra Marcelino
    | Reply


  10. Carlos Tolossa
    | Reply

    Well Done. You made this look so simple.. I will try it. Thank you…!

  11. Kathy E
    | Reply

    Your dogs are wonderful, sweet, smart and beautiful! Thanks for sharing
    your tips!

  12. Leah Robinson
    | Reply

    What kind of toothpaste do you recommend?

  13. Naturecast Pet Products
    | Reply

    Learn how to properly brush your dog’s teeth.

    | Reply

    I cannot get plaque off maxs teeth .I brush twice a day and it will not
    move. I don’t want to hurt him but it wont budge.the previous owners didn’t
    say about the teeth.

  15. Holyfiremolotov
    | Reply

    My puppy is 4 months old and has started to loose her baby teeth, is it
    alright to brush her teeth very gently at this stage? Or do I risk hurting
    her gums and dislodging teeth unnaturally?

  16. Veronica Herrera
    | Reply

    thank you so much for caring for the dogs. I have a 5 yr old Toy Poodle and
    I am new to dogs and didnt know I had to brush his teeth ( I thought bones
    were enough) anyhow, what can I do at this point? his gums do NOT Look a
    healthy pink, Pls help! e mail: activforlife at aol. thanks so much!!!!!!

  17. udi ziv
    | Reply

    In additional to brushing my dog teeth, i give him “Essential healthy
    mouth” to his water (it makes the color of the water green). Do you think
    that this “Essential healthy mouth” is good? And Thanks for the video! this
    was very helpful 🙂

  18. Anna Parks
    | Reply

    can you always just use your finger, or is it nessesary to progress to the
    toothbrush after they are comfortable with the toothpaste and the
    finger???? Thanks

  19. jin woo Kang
    | Reply

    My dog just wont like the tooth brush and wont help me at all!!!!!!

  20. Huskiro Jennie
    | Reply

    You’re amazing at this. Hands down.

  21. Marianna Podolskaja
    | Reply

    Thank you for the video! My pom loves his chicken tooth paste and every
    time i put it on my finger he already knows what is about to happen so he
    shows me his teeth… But he doesn’t like the tooth brush. I tried the
    finger-brushes but he would always turn his head. Then i got him a little
    baby tooth brush… Still doesn’t like it. Hope your teqnique will help!
    Thanks a lot!

  22. Clint Cora
    | Reply

    @supersayianmichael No

  23. marvel2326
    | Reply

    what if my dog dont wanna get toothbrushed because when i put the
    toothbrush on her mouth(teeth),she shoves the toothbrush away.

  24. corgisr4life
    | Reply

    Start off early an get the pup accustomed to it. I starting brushing my
    corgi pup’s teeth the 2nd day I got him. He loves teeth brushing and the
    yummy toothpaste!

  25. twintron4
    | Reply

    dirty bum on the kitchen counter…

  26. 194952479
    | Reply

    Thank you, very informative video. I just got my maltipoo puppy and just
    bought his toothpaste and brush cause I think oral care for dogs are as
    much important as it is for us.

  27. Clint Cora
    | Reply

    If she’s still a puppy, you have an excellent chance to train her – that’s
    what the key will be – training – so you show her who is boss.

  28. Clint Cora
    | Reply

    Enroll in a puppy dog obedience course with your dog.

  29. Clint Cora
    | Reply

    Go to the website listed at the end of the video as there are many more

  30. starbrite06
    | Reply

    What should I do when my 11 month old puppy runs away at the sight and
    smell of toothpaste on my finger going towards his mouth?

  31. Clint Cora
    | Reply

    Your dog is not the boss – you are (or should be). I think there are other
    obedience issues here. A well trained dog should allow you to fully touch
    his teeth with a brush as long as you are not hurting him.

  32. DaleRobinson1983
    | Reply

    Thank you.

  33. nao1163
    | Reply

    how much approximately did you pay for the special toothpaste?

  34. 005Moonchild
    | Reply

    It was very very very helpful. I was having trouble with my pup cause she
    would move alot. But this video really helped.

  35. Cynthia Westphal
    | Reply

    Thank you , this was very helpful!!

  36. Jason Bitch
    | Reply

    ya it still has a lot of value very useful and kinda funny too

  37. Clint Cora
    | Reply

    I hope both of them do – my previous Lhasas lived 15 years each and their
    teeth was not as clean as my current two.

  38. itsjustmeyeahme
    | Reply

    i used to brush my dogs teeth and when they started to get loose and feel
    out 0.o

  39. Clint Cora
    | Reply

    Keep brushing but also try a product called Petzlife. It may or may not
    help. It help us in our case. Otherwise, don’t worry about the vet
    procedure since thousands of dogs go through it each year safely. But of
    course, try to avoid it if brushing plus Petzlife will work.

  40. Clint Cora
    | Reply

    @supersayianmichael Yes, as long as it’s pet toothpaste

  41. anikabloom33
    | Reply

    but what if u let ur dog lick ur finger and bit me will they that??

  42. Clint Cora
    | Reply

    Here’s a way to answer your question – is it better for YOU to brush your
    own teeth with a toothbrush or just your finger?

  43. Clint Cora
    | Reply


  44. giullic
    | Reply

    Hi there. Thank you for this lesson in the “art of dog tooth brushing”, I
    use the Positive Reinforcement training and this video is the only one that
    fits my method of choice. You are calm, polite (must be the Asian heritage!
    🙂 ), kind, gentle, and it really shows that you hold your dog’s mouth, but
    don’t use ANY strength whatsoever. I would be honored to refer to your
    video on my blog, if that is OK with you. Best regards!

  45. Cmonblablabla
    | Reply

    I don’t get it

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