How to Brush a Cat’s Teeth

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Veterinarian Laura Levan shows how to treat a feline’s canines

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. DHMikeDH
    | Reply

    i dont see why they need to get their teeth brushed.. i never brushed my cats teeth and they became very old and were very healthy..

  2. soccerroxx18
    | Reply

    ok my cat would kill me if i did that to him!!! and y the hell do u need 2 brush a cats teeth? i just give him a tartar controll treat! he really likes those…

  3. Smartzenegger
    | Reply

    Not needed? I disagree! lot’s of cat have dental problems.
    and this is the way to treat them right.
    I am very glad to see this manuel to hold the cats head to do this right.
    my cat has dental problems, this will help me helping my cat.

  4. dubq
    | Reply

    Tartar control treats do not do the job 100%. It’s great to use them in addition to brushing, but not as the sole means to clean your cats teeth. If you don’t believe me, have fun with the $500+ dental bills in the future. The going rate right now for extractions is about $98 per 10 minutes and that doesn’t include descaling.

  5. greenwalk7313
    | Reply

    That lady made it look so easy…I wonder if she would do my 15-lbs cat. I have to wear latex gloves so I don’t get scratched. My cat is very strong and he will fight me.

  6. zaepz
    | Reply

    my cat named OZZY also 😀

  7. ElatedScherzo
    | Reply

    I would LOVE to brush my cat’s teeth but if I tried, he’d claw me to ribbons. I wish my cat was as laid back as the one in the vid.

  8. eggrollsnrice
    | Reply

    brushing my cat’s teeth is a cinch someday i’ll put my videos on here my cat’s hecka cute when she doesn’t want me to brush her teeth anymore, she takes her paw and and pushes my hand/arm down with it lol

  9. SherwoodSpirit
    | Reply

    If you had looked closer, you’d see she’s supporting both his shoulders (with her thumbs) and elbows (with her fingers) as she lifts him. That’s an acceptable way to move a cat a short distance and won’t hurt him. If she’d just grabbed his forearms she could have hurt him. But that’s not what she did.
    And clearly, since the cat remained relaxed and didn’t struggle, he was in no discomfort.

  10. SherwoodSpirit
    | Reply

    Have you watched your cat eat tartar control treats? How many times does he crunch each one? How many crunches would it take to actually sweep each surface of his teeth to get them clean?
    Most cats may crunch it once or twice, then they swallow the chunks whole.
    That isn’t a very effective way of cleaning the teeth, wouldn’t you agree?
    Dental care for cats is still a new idea for most people. But I want the best for my cats, even if it means some inconvenience for me. Aren’t they worth it?

  11. lolz1666666666666
    | Reply

    “yes they tolerate it”
    brushing my cats teeth is kinda like putting ur hand in a death trap
    so i give my cat these dental chew toys and once a month i get the groomer to brush her teeth
    i kno lame

  12. rwu19290
    | Reply

    Tartar control treats don’t really work. Its just an advertising trick they use to make you buy it.

    Just think about it…. Do pretzels and cookies clean your teeth?

  13. rotcafarg
    | Reply

    You’re totally right. Cats, as obligate carnivores, don’t have jaw muscles which enable them to grind food. Their mouths mostly go up and down. That’s why dry food has no health benefits to them (and plenty of health detriments).

  14. Darkdejaj
    | Reply

    @rwu19290 no, but apple kinda do.

  15. MegaBabyRox
    | Reply

    If your cat is vicious or scared to death, wrap him in a towel and get someone to hold him while you do the cleaning. All 3 of my cats hate it, but it needs to be done.

  16. pontaloon666
    | Reply

    Wow, they are so well behaved!

  17. laverkfc4stitching
    | Reply

    damn hahahahah brush teeth for cat lol

  18. raynarayskye
    | Reply

    Awe, Dennis. 🙂

  19. sadistickitty1977
    | Reply

    those cats are very sweet and gentle – my mom’s cats are the devil and fight every little thing done to them

  20. howden123456
    | Reply

    shut the the fuck up!

  21. bronxbairn
    | Reply

    She makes it look so easy. You KNOW it’s not that easy. My cat would make my arm look like it’s been in a threshing machine if I tried that with him.

  22. cutiegirls4ever
    | Reply

    I have beef flavored toothpaste for kitties and dogs

  23. xover76
    | Reply

    @rwu19290 wait..are you saying that pretzels and cookies don’t clean your teeth?!

  24. xover76
    | Reply

    i like the part where they eat right after brushing their teeth

  25. Emily97Powell
    | Reply

    twins lol?!?!

  26. Cat Training
    | Reply

    I have a strange feeling that the cat wasn’t enjoying it.

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