How To Become A Successful Dog Trainer In Just One Day

How To Become A Successful Dog Trainer
In Just One Day …

by Gisela Eggleston

I guess virtually every dog owner wishes their dog was already trained.

I know the feeling. You want your dog to behave with a few manners. You may even hope your pup could perform a few dog tricks to impress folks around you.

But in the end … you don’t care about that. You simply wish your dog would stop digging bomb shelters in your yard and peeing on the cat when it’s asleep.

The problem is … you are always pressed for time and a little impatient and you don’t think you would make a very good dog trainer, right?

Well, the truth is … you couldn’t be more wrong.

Actually, I can show almost ANYBODY how to train their dog very quickly … using the #1 dog training secret of all-time.

No, I’m not talking about alpha tactics, pseudo-psych, or “clicker training”. Nor am I refering to 80-foot leashes or those popular shock collars people are using to
repeatedly electrocute their pooches into doing their bidding. (< — those people scare me, by the way)

I’m talking about the undisputed, #1 dog training secret on the planet … stuffing your dog full of delicious doggy treats when they actually listen to you 😉

Yes, it is a time-tested, proven dog training tactic that is wildly successful the world over. In fact, it’s the “bread-n-butter” of the most successful dog training
programs. Bribing dogs for fun and profit.

So, if you want to be a successful dog trainer, you really need to get yourself some good dog treats.

Here are 3 you can pick up today:

1) Alpo Variety Snaps Treats – very inexpensive, but dogs usually snatch these up like they have a potato chip addiction or something.

2) Pedigree Marrow Bones – excellent, but a little pricy. Sorta like doggy heroin. You could get your pooch to wash and wax your car for enough of these little treats I think.

3) Domino’s Pizza – I recommend the pepperoni.

So, there you have it. Now you know the secret to training your dog quickly and easily. Get a good dog training course and reward your dog with amazingly delicious dog treats until they are bloated.

It really doesn’t get any easier than that 😉

Until next time … Happy Dog Training!

Gisela Eggleston


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Copyright 2005 Gisela Eggleston.

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