How To “Bathe” Your Pet Rat

I have had many questions about how to give a rat a bath or how to clean a rat, so I made this video. It may not be exactly what people were hoping for, but …

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48 Responses

  1. Marfar83
    | Reply

    I love my ratties. I ended up with more than I bargained for because of a
    pet shop selling me a boy and a girl, instead of 2 boys. This ended up in a
    rat litter, an escape and rescue from under the floor (long story), but
    they’re amazing pets.
    I have to bathe my boys because they get a bit stinky after a while due to
    the buck grease and pee, but my girls are really clean though and just get
    a clean with small animal wipes now and again.

  2. sarah juanita
    | Reply

    how insightful! This totally makes sense… I wonder if you could do this
    with baby wipes? whatever. I’m trying your way first! thank you!

  3. Akiku2
    | Reply

    My roommate and I are fairly new rat owners and have given them baths a few
    times. I looked this up because I wanted to know if I was doing it right.
    I’m so happy to have found this! Thank you so much!

  4. Nicole Kegel
    | Reply

    Thank u so much for making this video because i have a hole bunch of
    scraches on my arma and stomach from givin my pet rats a bath in the sink
    but now i no the normal ruteen of bathing rats!! So thank u!! Ps. Spelling
    is very crappy ik…

  5. Monica Jean
    | Reply

    My one rat (well one of the four but the only one like this) Fion likes
    water so the other day she came in the shower with a towel on the floor and
    the shower against the wall so it wasn’t hitting her, she actually liked it
    and dunked her head for a little bit while i soaped her up and when she was
    done i toweled her and then she just ran around the bathroom without drying
    herself until she went back in the cage, i was very surprised and pleased
    with her! My other rats will NEVER allow that

  6. Amanda Tisdale
    | Reply

    Hello, could you please offer an option on how to calm a stressed rat? I
    would love to know some way to use on my boy

  7. Serena Hrabliuk
    | Reply

    Where did you buy you’re cage because I’m getting two ratites myself !!

  8. homophile fur serpent
    | Reply

    Pretty good. Rats don’t usually like water so they will try to jump out
    which to me is a bit cruel.

    I remember having those tickle fights with my rats…so fun!

    I have to stop watching these rat videos. Makes me want rats again!!!

  9. Lauren roy
    | Reply

    Thank u for creating these videos..I’m not a new rat owner but I sure
    don’t know everything, they have been very helpful there is not a lot of
    info on having rats as pets keep making them im looking forward to seeing
    future videos :)

  10. Rocket the JRT
    | Reply

    Rats = star backwards

  11. Kaytlyn Dalton
    | Reply

    Why do you not do videos like every week

  12. dragonmastergirl
    | Reply

    i have a hairless rat (yoda) and his skin gets too oily and dirty to use
    one of these cloths on him. i have to give him a bath. he doesnt love it
    but he doesnt hate me afterwards. when i dry him off, he kissed me and
    chatters and cuddles with me. it just depends on the rat. but i see your
    point…love your videos by the way!

  13. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel
    | Reply

    You sure can! Just keep in mind that fruit has a lot of sugar, so feeding
    them a lot of fruit can be bad, but given in moderation they can be great!

  14. vickiwhitson37
    | Reply

    You make that look so easy, wow

  15. rattielover13
    | Reply

    ok thanks i was looking for the samething

  16. bobby wasabi
    | Reply

    i just bought two rats, and i know they dont live a very long time, but
    when they are old, will they start to get sick and suffer, or do they just
    pass away suddenly, i only ask because i am not sure what to do when they
    start getting older, i love my rats, first rats i ever owned, they are so
    amazing i cant believe more people don’t get to have them as pets, it was
    annoying, wile i was buying them 5 women walked passed and said something
    ignorant about them, the media has ruined rats name 🙁

  17. Katie Hayward
    | Reply

    My old rat Latifa used to love her ears being rubbed while I scrubbed her
    tail with a soft sponge as it got rid of the grime on it. she’s been the
    only rat I’ve known that loves her tail being scrubbed!

  18. LupDomnitor
    | Reply

    I bathe my rats in the tub with baby shampoo or pet shampoo, they get upset
    but each time they get a bath the get use to it and don’t mind itt. They
    have to get use to it, cuz they smell like piss and even though they clean
    themselves they don’t get the poop and urine and rat boogers (from playing
    with each other) off their fur. It’s healthy for me because I get a rash
    from their dirty paws. They are fine and not upset after. But my rats
    aren’t skittish.

  19. Camryn Reese
    | Reply

    What stores do you recommend to buy supplies from?

  20. zoogirl19
    | Reply

    I have a rat named Pippa too but she ce with that name

  21. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel
    | Reply

    I completely agree with what you said. Like I said in the video, it may be
    necessary at certain times, but I just don’t think it is right for every
    situation. So, thank you for adding this comment 🙂

  22. Cyra Hua
    | Reply

    does baby wipes work ? 🙂

  23. skullgirl06606
    | Reply

    how do i build a fun playpen for my rats

  24. RatGirl44
    | Reply

    I wash my rats in the bathroom sink and believe it is necessary. Like you
    have stated before that yes rats can be “potty trained” however most will
    only poop in the pan and still pee everywhere else. Mine are no exception
    and pee in the fleece/towel bedding. So after awhile they do begin to smell
    like wee. Most pets i.e dogs and cats don’t like baths either however we
    give it to them anyways. Fully bathing a rat is also a must if they have
    been infested with lice or mites along with medications.

  25. Ju Cornellier
    | Reply

    Harper is a little

  26. Jeremiah Jordan
    | Reply

    its the brown rats and the house rats that carryed out that bad name i
    would punch those 5 women,every other rat are fun and loveable dont think
    becuz the rat is brown that its the type of rat- brown rat

  27. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel
    | Reply

    That should be just fine. Try to find some that are unscented if you can.

  28. Osmosian King
    | Reply

    How long did it take for you to get your rats to trust you? I’ve had my
    boys for three weeks now and it feels like they never will. I know,
    obviously, it depends on the rat.

  29. Jeremiah Jordan
    | Reply

    i have to try oats sometime thanks

  30. Helen B.
    | Reply

    do you have any animal wipe alternatives? like a damp cloth with a special
    kind of soap that doesnt take away their natural oder

  31. JustAgirl764
    | Reply

    My mom didn’t want to take her to the vet’s too much money 🙁 If this will
    happen to my other rat then I won’t be getting any new ones. I can’t keep
    losing them even though I now adore rats :

  32. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel
    | Reply

    Yup! That is inevitable, but it is actually a good thing! Rats love to
    climb, and it helps build muscle, so I have always let my rats climb the
    cage. Just make sure they can’t jump to somewhere they shouldn’t get to.
    Also, I should mention that a lot of rats won’t know how to get down at
    first, so make sure you are there to save any stuck rats. Eventually they
    should figure out how to climb back down, so let them try it if they do and
    just watch to make sure they don’t get hurt trying it!

  33. stickywiggit
    | Reply

    Rats get tumors regardless. I’ve had both spayed and intact females and all
    have died from cancer (sarcomas typically though one developed a myeloma).
    They have such short lives the surgery seems like an unnecessary trauma to

  34. Cherryfreezy61
    | Reply

    There’s no way I’d be able to get away with just rubbing my male rats down
    with pet wipes. They need frequent baths with dawn dish soap to get the
    grease out.

  35. GreenGaruda
    | Reply

    I’d say that’s a really good response. It means the rat isn’t afraid of
    people and will be very affectionate. I have 2 pet rats. One of them licked
    my hand the morning after I brought her home as a 5 week old baby, and she
    still licks me all the time a year later! She’s also super curious and
    friendly with strangers. The other one was shy from the time I first met
    her. A friendly baby rat will probably stay friendly. A shy rat might
    always be shy.

  36. Caleb Lust
    | Reply

    Oh how i love Pippa! she’s just the cutest thing. and i’m sorry for your
    loss of Ginny. she was the most trusting rat i’ve ever seen

  37. Zoo Keeper
    | Reply

    Awwwww their so cute!!!!!! :). I love Ginny’s coat colour it’s beautiful.
    and Harper is such a lovely shade of black and white :). Thanks for the
    great video,10/10 :).

  38. terrmine pc
    | Reply

    Sweet rat 🙂

  39. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel
    | Reply

    No, my rats are not spayed. I have never had a spayed rat, so I really
    can;t comment on that.

  40. Caleb Lust
    | Reply

    Lets try this again….

  41. TheDomin8er93000
    | Reply

    Rats r the cutest pets to have

  42. katreena Rodriguez
    | Reply

    They are SO adorable !!

  43. SuperLollipop2468
    | Reply

    i was wondering if i could use pet safe baby wipes

  44. Rattielover713's Pet Rat Channel
    | Reply

    Ginny does sneeze, A LOT! But don’t worry, she has already seen a vet. She
    has always sneezed a lot and came to me with a URI. She just has a super
    sensitive respiratory system that I am constantly watching to make sure she
    is not needing antibiotics. If your rat is sneezing a lot, I suggest going
    to a vet and getting some antibiotics.

  45. PipAndSqueaks
    | Reply

    my rats hate water

  46. LOLness202
    | Reply

    I am really freaked out, your rat is like an exact copy of mine o.o

  47. Armani Kitty
    | Reply

    i just love Pippas markings…

  48. zoogirl19
    | Reply

    I got a second rat and I got her name from we name is Cori

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