How To Bathe Pet Rats

UPDATE:FOR UPDATED RAT VIDEOS, PLEASE VISIT MY RAT CHANNEL **** Here is how I bathe my pet rats. I use John…

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44 Responses

  1. Markis2bi4
    | Reply

    What is the average life-span for domesticated rats?

  2. Canis familiaris
    | Reply

    your rat is very calm, but how do you bathe a rat that freaks out over
    water? please help!

  3. andypeluche96
    | Reply

    One of my rats used to like bath time… The other one SCREAMED whenever
    she touched the water so I stopped bathing her.

  4. Viktória Kóňová
    | Reply

    Hmpf, pet rats should not be bathed unless vet orders you to (and he should
    have a very good reason too). they can clean themselves very well – by
    using shampoo, you delete their natural scent and then they have even
    greater need to get “dirty” (in human sense) again! If your rats smell
    badly to you, wash their hammock and clean up more often and give less
    proteins in the diet (they cause the greasy skin in males). But bathing on
    a regular basis… Really not. Unnatural, unhealthy, stressful.

  5. Riley Murray
    | Reply

    Ur NOT supposed to wash any kind of rodent in water they can get wet tail
    or lil bugs on them that will kill them

  6. greenghost2008
    | Reply

    Should be called how to stuck at drowning rats.

  7. Gymnist311988
    | Reply

    can I use ferret shampoo?

  8. Eternal Light
    | Reply

    It’s ok to Martin Reyna not like rats, not everyone likes them. But one
    things is: he coming to a video on how to bathe a rat, where the owner is a
    rat lover, who made a video to rat lovers to watch and saying he hates
    these animals and his snake loves to eat them. That’s just being an idiot.

  9. rosejm1
    | Reply

    im scared of cleaning my rat i don’t wanna make her too cold

  10. Katy Charles
    | Reply

    aww! looks just like my Noodle boy!!! He HATES bathes, but I call him Mr.
    BUCK-Grease when he needs one! My poor rat peanut needs bathes constantly
    b/c he has leg degeneration where his back legs do not work… 🙁 nEwayz,
    Very cute rat!!!

  11. Kilinochiz
    | Reply

    Throw him down the Toilet that’s wear Rats live seriously .

  12. Annelyse Canestrini
    | Reply

    So much cute!!

  13. Lexi Santander
    | Reply

    its funny how squirrels carry more diseases then rats and people still
    prefer them over rats. I bet if rats had the fluffy tail and squirrels had
    the pink tail people would think the opposite.

  14. MultiPearlJammer
    | Reply

    Your rat is so cute! Reminds me of my ferrets when I bathe them haha. Where
    did you find a Siamese (I think the color is called?) rat? I have never
    seen any but the hooded black and whites at all the basic stores like petco
    and petsmart, did you get it from a special place or breeder? 

  15. Rachel Edler
    | Reply

    This is a very sweet video. Thanks! Cute ratty! :-)

  16. Caitlyn Valdes
    | Reply

    I COMPLETELY agree with +bodyshott65 . I STAND FOR THE RATS!

  17. Karo R
    | Reply

    My rat got the same issue than yours, she has dirty on her nose fur. and i
    dont know if i can get it off :/

  18. Jade Jolley
    | Reply

    Do female rats make good pets to? Or are males better

  19. Cutie Panda 129
    | Reply

    Ur rat is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!♡♡♡♡

  20. Noelia Ruiz
    | Reply

    I don’t mean disrespect ,

  21. Afton Lossing
    | Reply

    0:30 :)))))

  22. Cally Berry
    | Reply

    Aw :3 Thats a siamese rat right? I want one so badly but I’m having a
    little trouble finding one to buy.

  23. GrumpyMom
    | Reply

    Cute that he grooms you after you groomed him. I love rats.

  24. Erin Uroz Hernández
    | Reply

    It can be traumatic, but I see that you’re doiong with love and tenderness

  25. Nobinxa
    | Reply

    There is no need to bathe rats 🙁
    Unless they can’t clean themselves because of injuries.
    They’re not dogs, but lick themselves like cats.

  26. deadgirl82
    | Reply

    You make this look SO easy, yet when we try to bathe our rat, he almost
    claws the arms off you!!! He’s normally extremely friendly-probably one of
    the friendliest, most trusting rats around, but he HATES being bathed. I
    wouldn’t put him through the trauma of bathing, but he’s old now (in his
    third year) & no longer uses his litter tray, and I don’t think he can hold
    it anymore when he needs to pee or poo 🙁 So he REALLY needs to be washed,
    otherwise he stinks.

  27. Lollie Lover
    | Reply

    That can really hart them you now?

  28. Stacie D
    | Reply

    i have really fat rats so i was just wondering if that would still be fine
    because they are searieously fat!!!!!!!!! so 

  29. Noelia Ruiz
    | Reply

    I don’t mean disrespect ,

  30. Dolly Belladonna
    | Reply

    named after the crazy jester of Skyrim ? or the Roman Philosopher ?

    SO CUTE <3

  31. Ammie Wilde
    | Reply

    For any one having trouble bathing rats because of the fear of the water,
    try pea fishing. Get a shallow dish, fill it with frozen peas and then
    introduce your rats to it. They like peas so they’ll eventually try getting
    them out and get used to the water in the process… its actually a really
    stimulating activity for them as well.

  32. Rachael Giraffegirl
    | Reply

    so cute!!!!!!!!

  33. Tying Tubes
    | Reply

    I couldn’t find Johnson Natural Baby Shampoo. What’s the next best thing? 

  34. squall9126
    | Reply

    Haha, it pooped.

  35. Destinee Leal
    | Reply

    Cutie pie!

  36. JohBreuch
    | Reply

    You shouldn’t force the rat into the water and most important: DON’T USE
    SHAMPOO!! Its kills the natural smell of the rat and it irritates the whole
    group if they smell chemical…

  37. blackcat445577
    | Reply

    My rat hates bath time. he tries to climb out

  38. Aimee Gem Veloso
    | Reply

    is it okay to use a wash cloth dipped in warm water if they’re too scared?

  39. Jessica Pettitt
    | Reply

    What’s your rats name he’s so cute??

  40. Alyssa Tanner
    | Reply

    About how often do you give them baths?

  41. ihrtyoshi
    | Reply

    A Siamese rat, so cute.

  42. violetxoxox
    | Reply

    What a sweetheart! <3

  43. Flynnex LaRoche
    | Reply

    Do you have to bathe your rats?

  44. Alizanicole Severino
    | Reply

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