How To Bathe A Ferret

Me giving my ferrets a bath, showing the various steps involved, showing them in the tub, getting dry after.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

37 Responses

  1. MyLifeAsBBC
    | Reply

    At first I thought you were cooking ferrets with the pot then I watched the
    video great tip my ferret sora loves this part of his bath now 🙂

  2. Judith Wachaga
    | Reply

    Do you have instagram? If you do what is your username?

  3. desdemonad
    | Reply

    @8xNinjax8 well, they look a lot skinnier when wet but samson is a very
    slight ferret for a boy. he’s gained some weight recently though as he’s
    getting older and slower. How much does your ferret weigh??

  4. desdemonad
    | Reply

    they are fun and cute, but a lot of work too. Be sure you’re real prepared
    beforehand with lots of info and ferret proofed home. Good luck

  5. nicolleashlynn
    | Reply

    Thanks for the video! My fiance and I are baby-sitting a ferret before the
    new owners come pick her up. It’s going to be hard to give her to them!
    We’re going to give her a bath tonight, clean her cage, and put her
    “perfume” on. She’s also amazingly tame! She tried to kiss me and I’ve
    never actually met a ferret before. Thanks again!

  6. Allison80k
    | Reply

    they are sooo adorible 😀

  7. Bill Williamson
    | Reply

    @desdemonad like 40.

  8. MinecraftMan5711
    | Reply

    I use the bathroom sink, my ferret is small enough for that…

  9. violetlightBTR
    | Reply

    haha love the end “night night fuzzys night night….” 🙂

  10. azziio yeah
    | Reply

    @adpadp123 lmao, no thumbs up, you stupid cunt.

  11. desdemonad
    | Reply

    @backgardenzoo I sure do they make up a huge part of my life, they make me
    laugh every day, I’ve had ferrets 13 years now.

  12. desdemonad
    | Reply

    I only bathe them 2 or at most 3X a year. They do not need frequent bathes,
    it strips their natural oils, if they get a bit stinky, i wipe them with
    baby wipes and always be sure their bedding is clean and fresh and their
    litter too.

  13. Taylor Warren
    | Reply

    I cant believe they dry themselves. thats so convienent

  14. desdemonad
    | Reply

    @desdemonad Mine are all getting lighter that were champagne, now kinda
    goldie/grey/assorted, only my dark girl stays dark.

  15. ShinjuHoshi
    | Reply

    actually thats really well behaved…my ferrets freak out way worse during
    bath time…

  16. Bill Williamson
    | Reply

    @desdemonad jk not old enough to live on my own.

  17. 8xNinjax8
    | Reply

    After seeing the size of that ferret, I am convinced mine is obese.

  18. desdemonad
    | Reply

    a lot don’t, others are like otters and love it.

  19. desdemonad
    | Reply

    yes, some certainly love the water, others, not so much

  20. desdemonad
    | Reply

    As well, Pet stores house ferrets wrong, feed them wrong, and sell them at
    a ridicouslously young age, do not look to the pet stores for pet
    information, they are in the business to SELL ANIMALS.

  21. alex Zyrox
    | Reply


  22. desdemonad
    | Reply

    @Womenftw12345 totally yes! LOL Should have seen it when i had 8!!

  23. mouselovergirl1234
    | Reply

    ferret are like book it!

  24. christineyoyop
    | Reply

    @AquaBubblez13 My dog can try himself on a towel. o – o Never underestimate
    any animal. They might just surprise you.

  25. puddinpot33
    | Reply

    Mine try to shower with me. Its really funny

  26. desdemonad
    | Reply

    @typexxx13 absolutely right you are, mine get baths 2 times a year

  27. desdemonad
    | Reply

    @27pITTMAn27 I got all my ferrets from the shelter, they have so many SWEET

  28. desdemonad
    | Reply


  29. Emily Franklin
    | Reply

    My ferret would see my half full bath and he’ll be like “Not this again…”
    he would jump in and dive and grip his teeth on the plug draining it and
    he’ll see me do the water again he twitches his eye like “Fuck no…..” and
    he just runs

  30. 27pITTMAn27
    | Reply

    Nice where did you get your ferret at please let me know I’m looking for a
    friend for mine

  31. desdemonad
    | Reply

    @00hannahbanna He sounds wonderful, is he pure albino or a dark-eyes white?

  32. RyushuSuperCat
    | Reply

    One jumped right in the tub LOL What color would it be classed as?
    Half-sable, half-champagne?

  33. desdemonad
    | Reply

    @FerretCoco Ferrets must eat a high protein met diet. The best is Ferret
    EVO, also 8 in 1 Ferret Ultimate, the protein should be around 60% or more,
    and lots of fat. No vegetables. You can give your ferret chicken baby food
    or cooked eggs or chicken, tuna. For an underweight ferret you should also
    feed them Ferretvite every day and some Ferratone too. you can get all this
    at a good pet store like global or your regular pet store may order it.
    Check out some ferret sites for good foods.

  34. desdemonad
    | Reply

    @colurmecrazy Congrats, I hope you enjoy them as much as i do mine, let me
    know if you need any advice.

  35. desdemonad
    | Reply

    @SammiCakesAdventures he he yep, pretty much

  36. PhantomTheifNight
    | Reply

    For a second, from the video thumbnail I thought you put them in the
    washing machine :<.....

  37. desdemonad
    | Reply

    @FUCKINAdamnit ALOT!!!

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