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Want to be a Guest (or Ghost) Writer on my blog?

If you are reading this through your favorite RSS feed reader .. you may not have noticed. Remember that “Timecapsule” plugin code I had? If you recall, after each post .. it was displaying all the posts made on this day 1-year ago. But, it was creating havoc with the posting of comments in this blog .. as readers’ comments were being attached with posts 1-year ago .. (not good!). So I removed the code.

In it’s place, but only after the first post .. I have inserted new code … for POSTREACH!

When I signed up with PostReach .. two things happened:

* (1) I inserted some javascript code on my template, to appear after the second post only ..

Everytime there is a refresh to this page, it will automatically fetch a new GUEST POST from another blogger who also signed up to PostReach. Nothing will appear in my archives, nor in my RSS feed. The Guest Post that will be shown is based on tags that I create in my profile for each blog, so that (hopefully) I will get related types of guest posts in this blog. It’s a BETA program, so there may not be a lot of “inventory” in specific tags that I have created .. so it’s highly possible that you may be seeing posts from around my Battling-Series of blogs .. instead of any annoying ‘Join Me’ post. But, there will be a banner like the one above that you can click on and press and join yourself!

* (2) I provide my RSS feed URL for each blog that I have joined to be inventoried ..

Basically, every post that I make has a tag so people can find out what the post is about. Although, I can be a little more specific at times .. I’m currently using the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin that automatically converts my categories that I use for each post AS the tags for post as well. If other people who join PostReach put the code on their site, and I have a tag similar to their tag .. then my post might randomly appear on their site as the guest post!

The Apparent Benefits of these Guest Posts

As I mentioned .. PostReach is still in Beta at the moment although I hear there are some new exciting things happening next week! I suppose its success will be the amount of people that join up and offer their posts into the randomness of these Guest Post on blogs around the internet.

For myself .. I hope that my articles appear as Guest Writers for other sites .. and readers will want to read the rest of the article and come to this site. Maybe I will obtain a new reader or subscriber that I didn’t have before!

Also, I hope that on the days that there are no postings on this blog .. readers coming to this site via their bookmarks will have something new to see .. and I can send new readers to other similar health sites.

A Win-Win situation, if it works.

How to Guest Post On This Particular Blog

Besides the randomness of hoping that your tags might coincide with my tags .. I have made it easier for people who want their posts to appear on my sites as a Guest Post from PostReach … Here’s how:

A) You must join PostReach and make your RSS Feed available ..

B) Add the tag to your post .. “PetLvr”

Of course, if you are signed up and have selected reasonably sensible tags on your posts (similar to my categories by the way) then you might end up here anyway! I’m currently using the basic pet related keywords.

If you have a health and fitness related blog, you are welcome to do the same with any of my 8 “Battling” series of blogs … just add a tag to your post either (a) “Battling-Series” or (b) the name of the blog you want to appear on, like “Battling-Stress” etc

Hope to see your guest post soon!
(if you are interested in that type of thing)


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