How teach your hamster super basic tricks

These are just some easy tricks to teach your hamster, and see how well they respond.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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17 Responses

  1. Nickolas Bell
    | Reply

    Akitha Seneviratne what does that even mean? She hasn’t liked her own video
    and you can’t subscribe to yourself… Very confused

  2. Akitha Seneviratne
    | Reply

    ediot she subscribe her own vidio

  3. clay crafts
    | Reply

    Really good advice thanks

  4. Shaylee Bell
    | Reply

    That’s so cool! Ya, they are very fast learners, very smart, it just takes
    practice- silver fox

  5. Shaylee Bell
    | Reply

    yes, you can give it with the shell, they will break it open

  6. silver fox
    | Reply

    DMV hamster gets the up part, not the turn around part, she learns fast.

  7. silver fox
    | Reply

    Omg my hamster look exactly like that!!! Her name is Cheyenne, OMG!

  8. Shaylee Bell
    | Reply

    we have some pretty cool hamsters! 😉

    | Reply

    Omg she has the same hamster as me lol

  10. Shaylee Bell
    | Reply


  11. Shaylee Bell
    | Reply


  12. Calvert James
    | Reply

    I got that teddy hamster

  13. Shaylee Bell
    | Reply

    she is actually a teddy bear hamster 🙂

  14. Shaylee Bell
    | Reply

    She is a teddy bear hamster

  15. Ashlyn Petrisevac
    | Reply

    cool, what type of hamster is that

  16. alejandraveliz123
    | Reply

    Do u give the sun flower seed wit da shell on it or the inside PLEASE

  17. MinecraftIdeas11
    | Reply

    Ashlyn that is a Syrian hamster…thank you

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