How can I get rid of pet redeye?

Franny Syufy knows how to get rid of pet redeye in pictures …

I wish I read Franny’s Your Guide To Cats blog and this topic earlier …

* Maxxie’s eyes are always red-eyed …
* Sophie’s eyes are always yellow-eyed …
* Zeussie Pussy Cat’s eyes are always green-eyed …

(Read this article …)

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  1. HART
    | Reply

    Mind you …

    After reading the Adobe Photoshop Tutorial here I think I’d rather spend my time plastering the internet and my blogs with pictures of red- yellow- and green-eyed pets .. than spend hours removing them 🙂

    But, that’s just me … Let me know – does it work for you? Want to show BEFORE and AFTER pictures? Click on the link in the sidebar and send me both for comparison.


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