Horse's Feet – Hoof Capsule Stretch, The Effects Thereof

By John Silveira

When looking at horses’ feet it’s typically understood the hoof is quite hard. It’s not generally understood that in spite of the hardness the hoof can change shape and drift. The worst cases of hoof drift is when the feet become wet such as during winter conditions, the horse standing in water for long periods of time.

The foot/hoof becomes soaked by water and softens. While in this state the hoof wall can become pliable and if a horse is standing on a sloped spot as his favorite spot to stand the hoof can get very out of line with where it needs to be.

Every horse’s foot will have a particular spot on the ground surface of it’s foot where a wear pattern will show. This is called the “Break over point”. It’s at this point we decide if the foot is in or out of balance. If too much foot is to one side or the other of this break over “Point” the foot is out of balance. Unfortunately the results of such a foot condition can be disastrous resulting in permanently lame horses. Proper care and prevention is of the utmost importance.

Once the out of balance condition presents itself the correction can be a long process requiring much skill and knowledge to overcome. Unfortunately this knowledge and skill is not being taught in the Farrier schools or textbooks and consequently Farriers are putting into practice improper techniques that quite honestly RUIN HORSES. It’s really not the Farriers fault rather it’s a fault of improper education. The industry itself (schools and textbooks) just has not caught up with the deep understanding necessary to address these particular hoof conditions, or real correct shoeing practice.

This is where the problem gets serious as what is currently taught in the schools and textbooks actually compounds the problems.

If the horse owner is serious about keeping his or her horse sound and protected from permanent lameness there really becomes a quest for the truth about shoeing.

Fortunately this information is available. Simply go to the web address below in the author bio. If you really want to keep your horse sound this method not taught in the schools or textbooks has a 16 year 100% track record- Not one single lame horse.

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Author bio: John Silveira born in San Mateo California, shoeing horses since 1991, discovering a breakthrough method of shoeing horses which has produced a 100% track record. For more information visit or

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