Horse Trick Training – follow me, jump, kick, take, drop, turn

More horse trick training with Jay 🙂
Here are some more tricks such as follow me, feet in tyre, kick, take, drop, jump….
Jay loves doing tricks…and I love playing with him!
Have fun!

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  1. Mollieee. Mullen says:

    Kick is not the best trick to teach ur horse x

  2. bullriderchick22 says:

    Some others to start working on that I trained my mare to do are hold one foot up in the air; front left and right. I say "look pretty" lol Also teach him to kneel and bow then also shake his head yes and no.

  3. What song is this <3 I love it

  4. what do you mean by "waving"?

  5. Faith Ziamba says:

    how to teach your horse to wave

  6. Yes, molasses is great as most horses like it and because it is liquid it can be used very well for trick training: for example to train a horse to grab something like a hat: the first step is to smear some molasses on the rim and the horse will probably grab the hat….

  7. Tracy Clare says:

    My horse loves anything with molases in it. Nice job!

  8. Tracy Clare says:

    Oh, how to teach your horse not to eat in a show ring.

  9. Tracy Clare says:

    Thank you so much!

  10. It can even look more impressive to keep more distance.

  11. My young mare did the same in the show ring, she got bored or overexcited and in both cases tried to bite me, not hard but it was annoying. Young horses tend to do that but there is a trick: Keep more distance to the horse while leading and standing! There is no need to be too close and it is an illusion that it gives more control. I train my horse at home to be always the same distance away, a distance where she can't have a go at me, so she got out of that habit, even when I am closer now.

  12. Kathleen E says:

    So does your horse often put his ears back when you do tricks on the ground with him? My horse sometimes seems like she is mad when we trot. Totally different scenario but, in the show ring in ground classes like showmanship she sometimes tries to bite at me. I'm not sure why she does these things, because I don't think I do anything that she might find frustrating. Do you have any ideas of what I could do??

  13. BayPonyjumper105 says:

    can use do a video on how to make the horse follow you when jumping and how to follow u

  14. cc eventing says:

    Merry Christmas:-)

  15. thanks 😀 And Merry Christmas to you!

  16. cc eventing says:

    I love your videos they are really helpful!

  17. amongotherthings17 says:

    Thank you, i just watched it, it was very helpfull. I really appreciate your uploading these training videos.

  18. Yes, I do:it is called How to teach Horse Trick Training! (Free Jumps, Sideways, Take), have a look in my channel 🙂

  19. amongotherthings17 says:

    do you have a video explaining the sideways move?

  20. xMitchCharliex says:

    thanks, i found the video and i will have to try it out! 🙂

  21. thank you 🙂 Please have a look in my channel, I have uploaded a video that explains how to train the smile…it looks so impressive but with a bit of luck is one of the easiest tricks to train! If you can't find the vid, send me a message and I will post you the link.

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