Horse Training Videos: Teaching A Horse To Come When Called

a. In Manna Pro’s Train With Trust Video Series, learn how to train a horse to come when he’s called whether he is turned out with a group or he has accidentally gotten loose. Manna Pro has teamed up with behavior training expert Sue De Laurentis to provide you with solutions on how to build trust with your horse and quickly teach them new behaviors that are essential for every horse, no matter what their discipline. View more horse training videos at:

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3 Responses

  1. sonseere10
    | Reply

    Using treats to get a horse to do a task shows a lack of horsemanship skills. You do not need treats. You need to be the trusted leader in the horse's mind. There needs to be mutual trust and respect. That takes time. But well worth it.

  2. sonseere10
    | Reply

    Then there is teaching a horse to come to you by using body language and not voice.

  3. HorseTastic Briley
    | Reply

    I use those same treats and they work wonders!

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