Hero dog (almost) saves another after it was hit in the highway

This was a video uploaded to YouTube beehphy over two years ago … on Feb 9, 2009 … I just saw it today and felt like sharing that story. I have not followed up with what happened, other than what “beehphy” wrote in the description on YouTube

Incredible surveillance camera video from Chile of a stray dog gently rescuing another stray dog from the middle of the highway in heavy traffic.

Unfortunately the reporter got it wrong when he said the injured dog lived, he died at the vet some time after, and the other dog escaped back into the urban terrain. A good samaritan never hangs out looking to take credit.

I have no further information about this story, I just liked it and decided to share. Please stop asking me how you can adopt the savior dog.

** here’s one of the original news reports from MSNBC

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