Hello To All The PetLvrs – From Mia!

As a new blogger on the PetLvr Blog .. I thought I’d start by taking the opportunity to introduce myself to the PetLvr community.

I’m an experienced pet writer from the Boston area. I specialize in writing about pet care, with a focus on care for sick pets, injured pets or special needs pets. My own menagerie of animals inspires my pet writing. I currently have six dogs, six cats, two rats, two guinea pigs and eight birds. And those are just the resident animals. I also serve as a wildlife rehabilitator and pet foster parent for several local animal shelters and animal rescue organizations. I also volunteer as a pet writer and pet transporter for a handful of non-profit animal rescues in New England.

I was inspired to help special needs animals by chance. My first special needs pet was a Miniature Pinscher named Kota, who suffers from a idiopathic form of Trigeminal Neuritis – a nerve disorder of unknown origin that caused her to lose the ability to move her jaw. This means that we have to hand-feed Kota all of her meals and since she cannot drink, she receives daily subcutaneous fluid injections at home. Kota also happens to have a chronic form of bloat – it seems she didn’t read the rulebook on bloat, which is rarely seen in toy breed dogs. Bloat primarily affects large breed, deep-chested dogs and the condition is often fatal, but Kota suffers from bloat so frequently that she underwent an operation to pin her organs in place to prevent the deadly intestinal twisting that so often occurs with bloat.

My experiences with Kota – my admitted “favorite” of the pack – inspired me to help other handicapped animals. I’ve since taken on nearly several dozen special needs pets with chronic illnesses and disabilities of varying degrees.  In short, I take the animals that no one else wants; the “damaged goods” that the shelter cannot place. Some of my animals are just temporary residents, who stay with me to undergo physical or behavioral rehabilitation. Other animals have conditions so debilitating or so severe that it’s virtually impossible to find a taker. And a few of my foster animals have meshed incredibly well with my other resident animals – so much so that, when it came time to place them into a home, we realized that they’re already at home with us.

I’ve dedicated much of my spare time to becoming an “expert” in each animal’s condition, so I can provide the best possible care. I’ve also educated myself extensively in the area of animal behavior, training, care and husbandry.

Over the years, I’ve seen how much damage results from a pet owner who is not properly educated. In fact, many of my disabled animals would not be disabled in the first place had they been in the care of an educated and capable pet owner. Love for a pet only gets you so far. As a pet owner, you need to recognize when a behavioral or physical problem is arising, and you need to know when to act and seek veterinary care or other help for a pet. That said, my goal is to educate other pet owners, to share what I’ve learned about pet care, caring for sick pets, disabled pets and pets who are suffering from behavioral problems and disorders. My goal is to help pets by helping the pet owners to become well educated. I hope you all enjoy my writings.

Happy Thanksgiving To All

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Mia Carter is a professional journalist and animal lover. Her furry family members include 6 dogs and 12 cats. She is also a feral cat colony caretaker. Carter specializes in pet training and special needs pet care. All of her animals have special needs such as paralysis, blindness, deafness and FIV, just to name a few. She also serves as a pet foster parent and she actively rehabilitates and rescues local strays and feral kittens.

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