Have You Ever Heard of These Dog Foods?

Have You Ever Heard of These Dog Foods?

by Connie Limon

If you have not heard of Life’s Abundance All Natural Premium Dog Food the reason is NOT because Life’s Abundance is a NO GOOD dog food. The reason is that it is ONE OF THE BEST Dog Foods on the market today, and one of the most unique. Large supermarkets and even national-chain pet supply stores don’t sell THE BEST OF DOG FOOD ON THE MARKET. They rely on lower-cost, lower-quality products from gigantic national food makers. The benefits to the supermarkets and large chain pet supply stores are many.

Benefits to the supermakets and large chain pet supply stores to carry a lower quality of dog foods are:

The supply is reliable. The distribution channels are well-established. The markup is greater.

Companies who make the ABSOLUTE BEST DOG FOOD are few. They are not able to manufacture huge amounts of their products for the chain stores. Instead, they concentrate on making small batches to insure greater quality and fresness to their customers. They do not stock huge inventories of dog food in warehouses giving you a greater chance of getting hold of out-dated dog food.

THE BEST DOG FOOD tend to be very expensive, so stores can’t mark them up so much to make their huge profits.

THE ABSOLUTE BEST DOG FOODS are sold in small, individually owned “boutique type” pet stores, groomers, holistic vet offices, independent distributors and directly from the manufacturer.

People who shop at health food stores for their own food “understand” that food meticiously manufactured in small batches out of the finest ingredients, is more expensive than food that is made by huge businesses like Supermarket Chains and Pet Store Chains.

Many people who switch over from these Supermarket, large chain Pet Stores to the Individually owned “boutique type” pet stores, groomers, breeders, holistic vets and independent distributors will tell you they have seen remarkable improvement in their pet’s health, energy levels and shiney hair. They will be able to tell you: Pay more for the food now, or you can buy the cheap stuff and try to save on pet food expense but you will pay later with even higher vet bills.

Hey! I am a Boutique person. I like getting the best for every dollar I spend.

I recommend HealthyPetNet, Life’s Abundance to my customers/puppy buyers and whomever I meet that has pets.

Read the labels. Do your homework about dog food, and purchase from the boutiques, and independent distributors for better health and longer life spans of your precious companions. HealthyPetNet is dedicated to producing Dog Food from the very finest of ingredients. You won’t see this brands of dog food on the Supermarket Shelves and Huge Pet Store Chains. You can purchase them from Independent Distributors who are breeders like myself, holistic vets, and grooming shops. They are produced in small batches and delivered fresh to your door.

At Stain Glass Shih Tzu our main priority is Good Health and producing puppies who are healthy with long life spans. We would not think of purchasing anything else. Once you make the switch to a higher quality Dog Food and Treats, you will be hooked for life.


About the Author

Connie Limon, Breeder of the Shih Tzu Austin, Indiana Stain Glass Shih Tzu http://www.stainglassshihtzus.com

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