Hart, excellent idea …

Hello Hart,

Just checked out your new blog … loved it! Especially that post from the
kitty’s point of view (dangling treats in front of me … hysterical:)

Hey, I’m glad you get a kick out of my articles. In fact, all of the articles
on my website are either mine or written by guest authors who distribute their
articles for reprint. So absolutely … feel free to link to them or reprint
them in your blog. All you have to do is keep each articles byline, copyright
notice, and links intact in your publication.

As for regularly contributing to your blog … loved that idea too! The only
problem is, I’ve been asked to venture into “podcasting” and Internet radio …
and I blindly accepted (as is my nature to do so 😉

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure what “podcasting” is yet … so I’m having
more tech-savvy mentors working with me on it. (I don’t know … podcasting
…kinda sounds like a bad sci-fi sequel or something).

Anyways, I don’t think I’ll have the time to do regular posts just yet … but
I’d love to do them for you in the future. (I’ll even let you edit them heavily
if you deem them “entirely-too-corny”).

But, my regular articles at http://www.4-paws-dog-training.com/articles.html or
RSS submits can be linked to or reprinted freely!

By the way, I checked out your profile … can’t believe it … I thought I was
the only Fifth Element fan on the planet 🙂

Ok, I better wrap this letter up … I tend to ramble on like an over-medicated
mental patient at times, so I’d better go. Thank you so much for your support
and interest, Hart … I hope to talk to you soon!


P.S. – Oy … now I want a Papillon breed pup. As if I didn’t have enough
pooches already … thanks a lot Hart lol 😉

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2 Responses

  1. HART
    | Reply

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I will look forward to you having time to contribute to this blog, because all of your articles are so great. I am a regular visitor of your website. Good Luck with your Podcasting and Internet Radio .. perhaps you can drop this blog a short email message when you are online, so PetLvr’s can listen to your broadcasts HART

  2. Sonja
    | Reply

    Did you know that you can “audio cast” for free on blogger. Just call in your audio message, and it appears on your site. FREE.Ruthmydoghouse

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