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This is a copy of a newsletter I receive from Wildlife SOS. Wildlife SOS is a non-profit charity in both USA and INDIA. All funds donated to Wildlife SOS will be used for Wildlife Protection, Rescue and Conservation projects. You can support Wildlife by becoming their eyes and ears in your area and inform them of any animal in distress. They have rescued over 500 bears plus many other wildlife.

You may donate to Wildlife SOS using this online donation form.

Help Keep Mothers and Babies Together – Please Give this Mother’s Day


May, 2009

In honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to share these touching pictures with you (scroll down for more)… after all, your support of Wildlife SOS helps keeps moms and babies just like these together, and safely in the wild, all year through.

Langur mom and baby Too often, in our world of urban sprawl, booming populations, poaching and corporate greed, wild animals are the forgotten victims. But we haven’t forgotten them, and we know you haven’t either. Working together, we can help provide safe spaces for them to thrive.

Please donate today to support the work of Wildlife SOS. Your contribution will help us protect more moms and babies, giving them a chance for a lifetime of health and happiness.

So, this weekend, when you’re celebrating your mom, please take a few moments to celebrate moms of every species.

We feel blessed to have so many of you devoted to protecting animals in the wild. Thank you.

Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day,

Kartick Satyanarayan and Geeta Seshamani
Co-Founders, Wildlife SOS
Wildlife SOS USA
406 W 300 S #302
Salt Lake City, UT 84111







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