Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad!

A little off-topic here .. I know .. but

October 17th marks my parents 50th wedding anniversary together.

This past week … my postings have slowed down as a direct result of me trying to get ahead of myself in my work, because next week there will be lingering relatives here celebrating .. and visiting us .. and I did not want to be caught short. I expect to post less next week as well for the same reasons!

The above picture was taken August 31, 2002 at our Medieval-themed wedding. My folks (Aaron and Bette Singer) were just being introduced and making their entrance to our head feast table! We had a tremendous party back then and I’m so glad we did (and others too~).

We wanted to throw a small celebration for my folks for awhile now .. but I can mostly thank all their siblings for making this weekend event an even better celebration than we would have been able to afford!

I’ve been charging up my digital camera batteries and will be taking lots of pictures – as well as obtaining pictures from others to scan. You can probably see them eventually over in my OTHER gallery at HARTandYVONNE.com .. because I’m anal like that :p

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2 Responses

  1. jessica
    | Reply


    I enjoyed reading your blog. I am an animal lover and it always makes me happy to see things on animnals. If i were you i would go to http://www.autosurfmonster.com and submit this blog so thousands of others can see it for free. well, i look forward to all the updates and im going to add your blog to my favorites. thanks again.


  2. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Thanks Jessica for that tip! I will check it out.

    I also hope to see you around here often! Of course, instead of just adding our site to your Favorites .. you can always add our RSS Feed to your favorite Reader 🙂


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