Handbag Dogs

Tinkerbell, Daisy and Harry are dogs commonly caught in the spotlight. They seem to have the best of lives, wearing jeweled collars and being photographed at their best. If you haven’t figured it out already, the owners of these dogs are Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and Geri Halliwell, respectively.

These dogs as well as others have captured the media’s attention, and small breeds like the Chihuahuas and Shih-tzus are being referred to as “handbag dogs.” Celebrities are making smaller breeds more desirable to the general public. Although these breeds are compact, adorable and willing to be dressed in just about anything, before you buy one you need to consider if this type of dog is right for you.

According to pet insurer Tesco, there has been a 41.3 percent increase in the demand for “handbag dogs,” which includes Chihuahuas and West Highland White Terriers. While showing off your pedigree dog might make you feel like a celebrity, you have to consider the costs associated with purchasing one. Not only is a pedigree dog more expensive than cross breeds, it’s also more costly to insure one.

In addition, the dog’s needs have to be taken into consideration too. Financing a dog is important, but educating yourself on the breed is just as important. Dogs can be dressed in stylish clothes and accessorized with crystal necklaces, but that doesn’t mean that their mental and physical needs have been met. Smaller breeds should be walked and played with too. Would you want to be carted in a bag all day long?

Many factors such as the cost to feed and groom the dog, the expense to insure it and the needs of the particular breed should be considered before purchasing any dog. “Handbag dogs” can make excellent pets, but they can be more high maintenance than what you anticipated.

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