Hand Training With Benny

Little tutorial with me and my boy Benny Deux on how to train your rat to trust your hand.

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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8 Responses

  1. dutch4ever65
    | Reply

    My rats name is Benny too!

  2. longtail4711
    | Reply

    Thank you! He’s passed on now, having lived to the ripe old age of 2, but he was a cute, loving, and snuggly little guy all his life after he realized my hand meant good things. 🙂

  3. setsunasamachan
    | Reply

    He is adorable!

  4. Ashleigh Anne Crause
    | Reply

    i have the same problem with one of my girls, but instead she literally attacks my hand and sqweeks at me, but she doesnt do it to my partner. sometimes rats just end up being a one person pet. to break them out of the habit takes time and tolerance. get the shy one to gain more confidence, because sometimes the shy rats get protected by the more confident rats. once she see’s the shy rat being more confident in you, she may feel that she doesnt have to protect her.

  5. longtail4711
    | Reply

    You’re welcome!

  6. DarkDimend
    | Reply


  7. mandaprie
    | Reply

    Aww, so cute! How is Benny doing now? I just got 3 girls from petsmart and I am going to try this techinque only without the spoon. I have been doing it with the spoon, cause I dont want to get bit. I dont think they will though, but it is always a leap of faith 😛

  8. perydwyn
    | Reply

    I have 2 female albino rats. I have had them since september, and they were 7 weeks old when I got them. I hadvery succesfully managed to hand train one of them, she would let me ick her up, she would sit on my shoulder etc, and never bit. However, since yesterday she has been very reluctant to being picked up, squeeking and putting her ears back. Then today when I picked her up she bit me fairly hard drawing blood. What do you think is wrong with her? Her cage mate is very shy and passive.

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