Gym Rats

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A Devotional Guide for the Coach’s Wife. Gym Rats is a devotional/discipleship guide written to women whose husbands work in athletics. Whether a coach, an administrator, or a player, men who work in the sports industry face unique job pressures which requires them to produce winning programs year in and year out. Because of these expectations, sacrificial demands are often placed on those in the sports family who surround and support them. This 65 day devotional book offers sports wives hope and encouragement in this unique ministry calling through daily prayers, scripture references, commentaries, and varied illustrations.

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  1. A Coach's Wife
    | Reply

    Coaches wives, please read this! I received this at the Final 4 and wish I had it months earlier. Coaches wives, please read this book!

  2. Anonymous
    | Reply

    This devotional is appropriate for all people whether you are a basketball coach’s wife, mom, teenager, businessman, or otherwise, and in whatever season of life you may be in. Each page has been carefully written and timed for your devotion time just as God has planned. Go through it during your “season”, and in the off-season as well. You will look forward to each day of reading and what it will reveal in your life.

  3. Anonymous
    | Reply

    I have not seen Hope in over twenty years. I had no idea that she had written a book or even where she lived now until her cousin Diane told my Mom. You see, she’s also my cousin on the other side of the family and I’ve always been so proud of her, more so now than ever to write a book like this. Hope, I sent your Dad a message yesterday. I’ve not checked to see if he got it. Hope if you see this, God bless you for writing such a book . I’ve not read it and I’m not a coach’s’s wife. but I may just have to get a copy!! Oh, I gave it a 5 rating for the part that I did read. It was so wonderful to hear you talk about your faith. My husband is the songleader in our church and I teach the teenage class. God bless you, take care I know that Tonyia has no idea about the book either.I don’t see her very much. She just doesn’t get out . Hard to imagine , huh? Again, God bless, and take care, Lisa ( Reece’s) Lisa

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