Guinea Pig & Rabbit Care : How to Bond With Your Rabbit

When raising rabbits, it’s important to remember that they are prey animals that are often intimidated. Bond with rabbits with tips from a veterinarian in th…

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29 Responses

  1. Ruth Martins
    | Reply

    Really good tips!

  2. guiny131007
    | Reply

    You must not let male rabbits to be in contact. They will not stop to be
    aggressive to each other at any point and they might kill each other if
    they are not supervised. Its almost impossible for two male rabbits to be
    friends even if they are spade. I have two separate cages for my two male

  3. Alexis Denney
    | Reply

    i sit on the ground and my bunny does NOTHING…just sits their still no
    matter how much time goes by.. unless i stand up out of the way (then shell
    start to explore) she wont budge. 🙁

  4. wateva1993
    | Reply

    this guy talks alot of shit.. i just wanted to know wah i have to do to
    make sure tht i bond wiv my rabbit and he deosn’t mistake my actions for a
    threat but affectrion

  5. 123isic
    | Reply

    can someone give me some advise since to make the bunny happy u put thme
    outside but i don’t wnat to put her outside and have her run off, what else
    can i do.

  6. LetsNeverGrowUp1
    | Reply

    Thanks so much

  7. DarkHorseKRS
    | Reply

    @SummerFoxi how old i she? if she is 3 or 4 months old and is not spayed,
    that could be the reason. rabbits are very territorial and aggresive when
    they are teenagers

  8. MarluxiaGal1245
    | Reply

    I have a huge problem. I have a bunny that is 1 1/2 years old and his name
    is Jack. HE HATES ME!!! I have tried to pet him, but instead he tries to
    bite me. He is very mean to our other male bunny named Oreo. He likes to be
    the boss at everything. I just don’t want to give him up. He is actually
    very cute. Any ideas? THX!!!

  9. juya puya
    | Reply

    I adopted my rabbit from the SPCA 4 months ago he is 2 1/2 years old. He
    came from a family with kids that played ruff with him and ended up
    dropping him injuring his leg (it was healed when I bought him). It’s been
    4 months since I got him but he still fears me I can’t pet him because he
    runs away. Though when I give him treats he acts like he’s fearless -.- but
    he runs away when he gets the treat. Do you have any advice to gain my
    rabbits trust.

  10. bunnybunbun21309
    | Reply

    @Taraxox824 i did the same thing and mine said yes

  11. Bunnylover988
    | Reply

    @camprock988 have you spayed her yet? That could be a problem mostly if it
    is a girl. 🙂

  12. codyroz2
    | Reply

    Are you on glue? Thats a Vetinary room, where they do check-ups, shots, etc

  13. Shelby Ambrose
    | Reply

    well what i done was to get a bunny lead and put them in the garage or put
    the hutch outside and have a little run that attaches to the hutch so she
    can run in and out as she pleases

  14. Winxclubnowand4ver
    | Reply

    I honestly cannot understand anything you’re saying..

  15. 123isic
    | Reply

    oops i was petting my rabit with my hand i didn’t know she would feel

  16. SummerFoxi
    | Reply

    @MRSHARK1808 Well shes gone now we had to give her away

  17. caseylayla
    | Reply

    @MarluxiaGal1245 its corny but “let him come to you”. he likely feels like
    he is in a predator and prey relationship.(like he has to defend himself) a
    way to help this is to lay down/sit on the floor for a while before you try
    to pet him.reward him when he make ANY progress.your bunny isnt mean and
    doesnt hate you, it just feels threatened and its instincts are tellinf it
    to fight ir flight. remember bunnies and humans loving eachother is not a
    natural occurance in nature

  18. kep67
    | Reply

    my rabbit is a girl rex and it’s 2 month old too, and it licks me, I got it
    when it was 6 weeks old!

  19. jeang13
    | Reply

    could u say u u any more stop tlking so slow o good vid bi the way lol

  20. kryptonek88
    | Reply

    a friend of my moms gave me one. Hes is like one month old but he gets
    scared real easy and i dont want to let him out of his cage yet cause im
    scared he will get eaten or he will run away what do you think i should do?

  21. Netinterspace
    | Reply

    They kill their first litter???

  22. Ezio Auditore
    | Reply

    Help my bunny is going crazy becuz of his ears

  23. christinanguyenvu
    | Reply

    Can someone help me please! I just got my new bunny yesterday and I am
    starting to stress out already. My bunny peed everywhere today and when I
    try to pick it up, it would vibrate. HELP

  24. SashaLovesYoux3
    | Reply

    i got my rabbit a couple weeks ago & when we have her out she scratches
    then bites i dont know why [she is a year old] i dont know why she does it

  25. hibylittle8
    | Reply

    my rabbit does the same thing and i just give her a carrot and she stops i
    think she just wants a bite to eat

  26. RachieRAINBOWS
    | Reply

    Is that a Lionhead rabbit? :D! AAW. Rabbits are freaking adorable. I cant
    wait to get mine during the summer this year^^

  27. FunnyStuff908
    | Reply

    This is very helpful. But, in some parts, I can’t understand his accent.
    Lmao. It was confusing.

  28. SummerFoxi
    | Reply

    My rabbit used to be really sweet but today she lunged at me and bit me
    really hard i was confused because i’ve had her for 3 months now and shes
    never done that before

  29. iqra shaikh
    | Reply

    y is this bunny in the kitchen??/?// ru going to cook it??

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