Guinea Pig Care : Introduction to Pet Guinea Pig Care

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Learn from an exotic animal health technician and learn important lessons in guinea pig care, including extensive information about guinea pig health, in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Ltbird
    | Reply

    They are of the order Rodentia, therefore defining them very clearly as rodents.

  2. TrAnMu
    | Reply

    They definately are.

  3. toddsarah30
    | Reply

    I was slightly incorrect. some scientists have started categorizing them as their own species.

  4. TrAnMu
    | Reply

    They are a different species but they are still rodents. Just like we are a different species from primeapes but we are still…whats the word?

  5. lilbeatch
    | Reply

    ‘one of those people’? you mean idiots? they ARE rodents!
    cavy-rodent of the family Caviidae, including the guinea-pig

  6. PortugesePrincesss
    | Reply

    im thinking of gettin a guinea pig, are there any owners that can share there expirience? iv had bunnies, are they similar?

  7. RasberryCheesecake1
    | Reply

    Well In a way your kind of right but also not 🙂

  8. TheFrog606
    | Reply

    if u have alergies to say rabbits would it be safe to own a guinipig?

  9. xTheHamsterHideawayx
    | Reply

    yes, and no. fortunately, guinea pigs are easier to take care of. feed them their daily veggies, give them floor time, clean their cage, unlimited water/food supply, ect.

  10. TemazoonTV
    | Reply

    its pretty much the same thing

  11. magicmarker310
    | Reply

    i got a guineapig his name is jr. and i got another 1 and named it charlie but he was a baby and jr. was big so charlie went on top of jr 2 play then jr went on top of charlie the baby charlie cried a little so we seporated the cages with my sisters friends cage they didnt bight or scratch so once charlie gets bigger were gonna put them together is that ok

  12. 69kolya
    | Reply


  13. 69kolya
    | Reply

    Guinea pigs I would say like to be cuddled more, and they’re more human friendly. Rabbits can be a little bit shy or agressive as you may have learned.
    Their diet is the same but guinea pigs need more Vitamin C. Never feed them iceburg lettuce, onions, Potatoes.

  14. tomatinlopez
    | Reply

    @GoldZap its very true what you said but sometimes i feel very bad because of what they could be feeling…

  15. saokz7
    | Reply

    thumbs up if you hate the advertisements

  16. tilliez
    | Reply

    “sara” is ugly!!

  17. playlistchannel1
    | Reply

    Nice rack!

  18. MartaGirl200
    | Reply

    Is it just me, or did that guinea pig bite her at 1:16

  19. victorhugomuzi
    | Reply

    some nice big tits you have there

  20. csberry1000
    | Reply

    @saokz7 i go on the internet 2 get away 4m them, not 2 c mor.
    ure toally rite.

  21. TheKrakatoa1
    | Reply

    LOL Expertvillage is not so expert afterall.. i think they should change their name to

  22. LifeLoveLiz
    | Reply

    everybody please visit my channel! i have two guinea pigs! i would really appreciate it if you would subscribe also! I know i only have one video but i made my channel only 3 days ago! i would really appreciate it if you looked at my channel and subscribed!
    Thanks bye!

  23. SydneyCelloPlayer7
    | Reply

    its not prenounced CAYVIES. they r pronouced CAVIES

  24. SuperMichelleKelley
    | Reply

    Thank You for letting us know that G.P.’s live for 4-6 years-most sites say they live 7-8 years on average, making those of us who have a G.P. pass away at age 4 feel like “Bad G.P. Parents”-like we did something wrong.
    I dislike Animal Tsting as well, but the female G.P. Reproductive System is so close to a Human Female’s that some testing on G.P.’s is an UN-Necessary Evil.

  25. ambergreiz
    | Reply

    Hey!!! Guinea piggies aren’t RODENTS!!!!

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