Guinea Pig Care : Common Health Problems in Pet Guinea Pigs

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Learn from an exotic animal health technician and learn information on common health problems in pet guinea pigs in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. gamermaster25
    | Reply

    mine wont eat :'( all of a sudden he just stopped eating. i think he has a cold cz hes got a chesty cough… erm…erm…erm…erm…erm…erm…erm…

  2. deathnote5225
    | Reply

    ive watched alot of this series and she always touches the piggies butt and it doesnt seem to like very much

  3. iwishihadpets
    | Reply

    ummmmmmm dangger um mmm guinea ummmmm pig umm like i umm have one umm

  4. shadowdrinkerx
    | Reply

    If you watch this girl give ”expert advice” in this series, you’ll find more often than not, She has no actual expertise to lend you…If you are wondering how to bath you GP, She just tells you, don’t.

    If you’re wondering about mating or how to encourage mating, She’ll tell you, don’t.

    Infact…I struggle to find any actual usable advice in any of her videos.

    Pretty useless series…There are far better sources of info out there.

  5. TheHeatherStarr
    | Reply

    um um um um um um um um lolz

  6. 562223456
    | Reply

    this isnt about guine pig health problems
    but i only have one guinea pig
    nd ive been worrying if hes lonly or anything
    nd my parents wont let me get another
    sooo…what do u think i should do or sumtin?

  7. SallieGuinea212
    | Reply

    @562223456 how long have u had a guinea pig for

  8. TheLuckyGiraffe
    | Reply

    I bought 2 baby female guineapigs today, but they won’t eat lettice or any treats that I try to give them, they have there bowl of food but they aren’t eating that either??? Can someone please reply I’m really scared I dont want them to die :'( it’s my first time careing for them

    | Reply

    @TheLuckyGiraffe maybe just give em a while they shoud learn to eat or put them in there food bowl

  10. TheLuckyGiraffe
    | Reply

    put them in the food bool :s erm id rather not but thnx and they r eating now they have settled in

  11. Princess11311
    | Reply

    I have a question. My guinea pig won’t eat the food that I give her. When I give her pellots, she’ll eat a smidge but always knocks it over, when I give her fruits and veggies she’ll only eat a smidge but basically ignore it. The only thing that that she will eat is the newspaper at the bottome of the box, the bedding and she”ll chew on the box. But mostly the newspaper. She does eat timothy hay. She’d sometimes knock down the water. Why does she do this and how can I stop her from doing this.

  12. juicy9596
    | Reply

    @Princess11311 hey my guinea pig was the exact same way she lost her sister and now she wont eat. Did you house the guinea pig with something? (another guinea pig.) Maybe your guinea pig needs a play mate. If not im sorry but i have no other advice.

    Hope this helps!(:

  13. BluOceanBubbles
    | Reply

    If you have just got your guinea pig, she might be a little timid; give her some time and I’m sure she’ll start to eat. Is the water in a bowl? You should always have your water in a bottle; if you have the water in a bowl, it can spill over and cause dampness/mould/etc.

  14. Princess11311
    | Reply

    @juicy9596 Well, it doesn’t matter anymore anyway. Just recently on April the 2nd she died from some mysterious illness. Her right side had gotten swollen and she had gotten very weak to the point that
    I had to hold her so she won’t fall and hold her head up so she won’t suffocate. If only I knew what this mysterious illness was. But thanks anyway. SAD FACE.

  15. plane1233
    | Reply

    I think my guinea pig is peeing blood but it eats fine and it looks perfectly healthy do you know what might be hapenning? Thank you.

  16. SuperBirdA
    | Reply

    @Princess11311 she probrablly had a tumor in her side its very painfull and caues weakness

  17. Princess11311
    | Reply

    @SuperBirdA Yeah that’s what I thought.

  18. SuperBirdA
    | Reply

    @Princess11311 aww im sorry for your loss

  19. Princess11311
    | Reply

    @SuperBirdA Thanks for your kindness. That’s when I found out from the vet that guinea pigs often get diseases and don’t live too long after that. That’s why next time I’m going to get something that can last for a long time like a dog. Besides the only thing left to do was to take her to the vet and put her to rest so she wouldn’t have to go through all of that pain. But it was too late.

  20. ric3stix
    | Reply

    @JasmineChannel Petland is the worst place to buy animals. They are all sick. Every single animal I’ve bought from there has gotten deathly ill and still ended up dying after I took them to the vet.

  21. chickenshit68
    | Reply

    thumbs up for 9 “ummm”

  22. LaurynsAdviceChannel
    | Reply

    @chickenshit68 ikr it’s like know hat your gonna say b4 you tape it!

  23. katherine11982
    | Reply

    my guinea pig had a seizure last month and another one just now he had convulsions not due to mites or parasites. he has history or upper respiratory infection and now he is having seizures that last 20-60 seconds our vet doesn’t know whats it is and don’t think has much experience with guinea pigs. can someone piont me in right direction

  24. katherine11982
    | Reply

    @katherine11982 And he is 9 months old when he was 2 months we had a house fire he had smoke inhlation ever since he had resotory issues now he is having seazures someone please point us in right direction

  25. katherine11982
    | Reply

    @plane1233 bladder infection or kiddney stones i had a rabbit who was peeing blood it was kiddney infection

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