We created the PetLvr Community on Google + to enable our readers to share and connect with other readers and individuals as well as show off their pets! If you have any questions, comments, concerns and/or suggestions you may also post in our PetLvr Community on Facebook.

However, if you wish to Guest Post on the PetLvr Blog for Pet Lovers .. the rules are simple:

You Must Be A Member Of The PetLvr Blog

Guest post submissions received that are not associated to existing members of the PetLvr Community will be deleted and not reviewed. If you subsequently become a member, you will have to resubmit.

It Must Be Pet Related

If you wish to guest post on one of our pet related (“LVR” series) of blogs, please use this form. All guest posts MUST be pet related.

If your guest post submission is BREED SPECIFIC related, we reserve the right to place your guest post submission on one of our sister sites http://DogLvr.com, http://CatLvr.com, http://BirdLvr.com, http://FishLvr.com, http://HorseLvr.com, http://TurtleLvr.com, http://RatLvr.com, http://RabbitLvr.com, or future “LVR” series blogs.

If your guest post submission is a GENERAL PET RELATED TOPIC, like training tips, health care suggestions, stories about your own pets, and other articles that cannot be specifically tied to one specific breed, then your guest post could appear in the http://PetLvr.com blog.

No Keyword Stuffing or Self Promotion

We will reward you for your guest post submission with links and a general author/bio description at the end of your article. But, we will not promote your article or website as a result of your keyword stuffing or over-zealous linking back to your site IN THE ARTICLE. You are free to link out to OTHER blogs or articles in this blog in your article or story.

Create A Resource Section At The End Of The Post

This is the best way to promote yourself and possibly your latest article in your blog, if you have one. Feel free to describe yourself in a way that helps identify you as an ‘expert’ related to the content of the guest post submission. As a member, in your profile BIO section you can also add general information about yourself and your website. For example, you may have fish site and link in your Profile/Bio section. But, if your article is a story about your Great Dane you might want to add a resource section that states you are a Great Dane “LVR” for years and also have a Great Dane Blog. Feel free to add your twitter and facebook links as well. As a suggestion, it could look like this (in HTML mode)

< blockquote >
About The Author

(yourname) likes to write about blahblahblah and can be seen at the following sites: URL1, URL2, and URL3
Connect with (yourname) on twitter @(username) and facebook (facebook.com/(yourname))
< / blockquote >
>> or, afterwards, highlight it all and click the b-quote button

Please Include At Least One Image In Your Post

Yes! You ARE allowed to upload media files to compliment your post!! (images, etc). You must have permission to use any images and also provide proper attribution, unless you yourself created the image yourself. If you have uploaded an image to your photo gallery already and want to link it there, try this: Find your image on your profile page, and right click and COPY LINK LOCATION to get the URL of the photo.

- for large image across blog
< img src="URL" width="550" > ... and start typing on a new line

– for thumbnail image wrap text around image
< img src=”URL” width=”200″ align=”left” hspace=”15″ > .. and start typing immediately on same line

Category and Tags For Your Guest Post

The category of your article should be obvious (either pet training, about birds, pet health related, pet tips, pet travel, etc) and HART will select the appropriate category for your post. If you are still unsure, check out http://petlvr.com/archives/ categories that already exist in the blog. Chances are that if your guest post ‘fits’ one of those categories, you will be okay!

However, you may want to include additional TAGS to be associated with your post. What are tags? Tags would be something you might find in a tag cloud of keywords associated with your post, where if e.g. someone is searching for ‘stop barking’ tips, a whole bunch of posts – plus yours – would show up in their search.

After your Resource Section, if you want tags .. just add them on a separate line as many tags as you want.

TAGS: stop barking, barking, training tip


All guest post submissions must be ORIGINAL CONTENT and not appear anywhere else on the internet before submission, and anywhere else after submission. This means you did not copy it from an article gallery (or was previously published on a blog), or will be submitting it to an article gallery (or publish it on a blog) at a later date.

All Submissions Become The Property of PetLvr.com

*** All guest post submissions are subjected to HART’s approval and if approved, remain the property of PetLvr.com and the HART-Empire Network (a division by HBS Management Consultants and a proprietorship of Hartley B Singer) indefinitely. The author will always remain as the author of the guest post however, and HART will maintain all published links in tact as originally published on the blog.

Guest Post Submissions may be included in future books or ebooks created and promoted by PetLvr.com without notice with all rights and permissions granted. You may not publish your guest post submission in a future book or ebook of your own prior to 1 year after publication in the PetLvr.com blog. Common sense rules, that if you foresee yourself wanting to publish an article yourself in the future ANYWHERE rather than sharing it here – it’s probably not a good idea to submit a guest post here.

We Reserve The Right To Make Minor Modifications

HART may make minor formatting modifications, but generally will never change the tone or context of your guest post. If there are topics that HART believes is not a good mix for PetLvr.com or to the benefit of the PetLvr Community, HART may ask you to rewrite or make modifications before accepting to publish your guest post in the blog, rather than change anything.

Publishing Your Guest Post

If HART accepts your post .. he will publish it in the blog, and will try to let you know via message in the Community (either shout out or private message). If HART does not accept your post .. keep trying!

Not Publishing Your Guest Post

HART is not obligated to publish your guest post in this blog nor required to give notice (but wants to do both). Guest Post submissions are kept in “Draft” mode and may be sitting this way for a while before HART gets a chance to even look at it. If you think it has been long enough .. LOGIN and send HART a message that you submitted a guest post! It’s a good chance that HART just hasn’t gotten around to approving your guest post. This also shows HART that you are part of the community (chatting with HART and other people) and are a real PetLvr human being and not just some random article submitter.

How To Submit A Guest Post

Use the form below. If you move your mouse over the icons and not click anything and let it hover, you will see what each icon does. HART uses Firefox and this works with firefox – however, if you are using a browser and do not see *this* then perhaps you should try Firefox! 😀

At the end of your article – don’t forget your resource section and tags!

The input is WYSIWYG and please be sure it looks like you would want it to look like published in the PetLvr.com blog before hitting the final “publish” button. // Thanks.

Guest Post Submission Form: Here it is! Thanks!

You Just Submitted A Post – Now What?

Double Check your profile, if you just created an account before submitting a post. If you do not have an avatar – your post will not be accepted by HART. Please either upload one or get one from http://en.gravatar.com). Filling out the BIO information also helps too 🙂

That’s it! (simple, eh?)

Subsequent Information

For the benefit of repeat guest posters, I am allowing by request (and approval only) to give members proper permission to just come in and publish posts in the community blog. Currently, all guest posts submitted remain in Draft Mode until HART approves and publishes it. If this appeals to you and you wish to continue and be a RECURRING guest author please include your request in PRIVATE message to HART in the Community. Consideration will be given to all PetLvr Community Members who show an interest in pet related topics, the community, have little formatting or minor modifications by HART with their submissions, and/or bribe HART in some way (haha .. just kidding on that last part of course :D) PetLvr.com is a nofollow site.

HART’s philosophy has always been; It never hurts to ask. So, please do.