Greyhound Racing – "Win, Place, Show or Go"

Greyhound Racing- “Win, Place, Show or Go”

By Gabriele Gottschlag

In Greyhound racing the dogs are bred, weaned and trained with great care in order to create winning dogs. Unfortunately they are also subject to the “win, place, show, or go” rule. This is where Greyhound rescue and adoption agencies come into the picture.

All Greyhound dogs run for the joy of it but the fate of a dog bred for Greyhound racing is based upon coming in first. Two major problems are at the root of the Greyhound dog crisis;over breeding and the inability to take life long responsibility for the dog. In 1980 The American Greyhound Council was formed and promoted adoption. By 1994 for the first time more Greyhounds were adopted through Greyhound adoption and Greyhound rescue agencies than were euthanized.

Finding a Greyhound adoption or Greyhound rescue organization is not difficult. There are numerous sites that can be found throughout the web from various states that are devoted to educating the public about the plight of greyhound racing dogs and offer retired racers for adoptions or tell you where you can find them. These sites also offer good advise, pictures and stories that helps give the prospective owner insight into the joys and processes involved in acquiring a retired Greyhound.

Gabriele’s website was created for the appreciation of this unique breed. Having been an owner for fifteen years has given her first hand knowledge and a special love for the sensitive and beautiful Greyhound dog.

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