Grain free dog food – Why it can be good for your dog?

Grain free dog food – Why it can be good for your dog?

You should never take the task of selecting food for your pet dog lightly. Consider using grain-free dog food and gluten-free dog food that has become highly popular. The diet is like what humans consume for good health, and the food looks quite similar. People who have celiac disease or are intolerant to gluten as well as wheat or have allergies would do good to choose gluten-free foods.

When choosing a food for their pets, many pet owners tend to replicate their own food choices, and as more and more people prefer to consume a gluten-free or grain-free diet, they fall back upon similar food for their pets. Pet food manufacturers have quickly identified the trend and have started offering dog food that does not contain grain or gluten. And pet lovers now have several options to make their pets adapt to food habits that are the same as what they consume. To know more about grain-free dog food log on to

Grain Free and Gluten-free – what does it mean

Although we often talk about the grain-free diet and a gluten-free diet in the same breath, it will be a mistake to use the terms interchangeably because these are not the same things. A total absence of grin in food is the specialty of grain-free good, whereas a gluten-free diet may or may not contain grain as one of the ingredients. Gluten is a type of protein found in some grains like wheat, rice, oats, barley, and rye. A gluten-free diet means the absence of the protein in the food, no matter whether it contains grain or not. When you feed your dog on a grain-free diet, you are sure that it is gluten-free, too, but on the other hand, if you choose gluten-free food, there are chances that it may contain grain.

Why choose grain-free or gluten-free diet for your dog

Pet lovers often make a choice between grain free and gluten free food for their pets just because they want to follow the trend. Most pet owners do not have any real reason to be so much choosy about the diet. Grain-free or gluten-free food allows dog owners to ensure that they do not serve any unnatural nutrition to beloved pets. They are averse to food containing grain or gluten because the ancestors of dogs did not feed on grain. However, the truth is that despite their ancestors not eating grain, dogs have developed the ability to digest grains and glutens easily. This has happened due to the modification of genes through the course of evolution that allows them to digest carbohydrates easily, which includes grain.

Grain free diet is good for dogs that have allergies, but before starting the diet, take a trial to determine that the choice would be effective or not. If dogs suffer from excessive hair loss, inflamed skin, bald patches, itchiness, sore and scabs, and hot pots, it could be due to allergies in which case switching over to grain-free or gluten-free food could be the remedy.


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