GPS Tracks launches GPS for pets

LINK: GPS Tracks launches GPS for pets

What a great idea.

We have three pets .. one cat and two dogs. Two of them have microchips embedded under their skin, and the third has a tattoo in the ear. If any of our pets should lose their way, we would have to wait until they are found, and hopefully taken to a place that knows how to check for tattoo and microchip readings … subject to the new people who find our pets decide not to keep them for their own, and really do decided to take them to the vet or the lost-and-found or the pet shelters.

Yes. GPS chips would be great for lost pets. As soon as they are lost, you can immediately get a search party going and hunt them down.

What a great idea.

Take care.

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4 Responses

  1. K Wallis
    | Reply

    I recently lost my purebred ragdoll cat of 9 years. We put up fliers, put his photo in the newspaper, and searched a huge area for days, talking to our neighbors, the shelter (even looking at bodies brought in)…nothing. He had never disappeared before so we believed someone had him.

    My husband was devastated as they had been inseparable couch potatoes for years… The search continued, and we thought if pets could be microchipped, why can’t they be GPS chipped, too? A small GPS chip – with a monthly subscription fee from a GPS provider – would allow a pet owner to jump on the GPS provider’s web site, punch in their subscriber info and pet info, and voila ! Instant info on where your pet can be located.

    If only it was available. Our kitty was found after seven weeks. He had become trapped in a neighbor’s stored air conditioning unit somehow and was trapped under the blower wheel (squirrel cage), where he became pinned and either suffocated or starved to death. An absolutely horrible death for such a beautiful and loving animal. He was located four houses down from ours – a place near where I had searched within the first days of his disappearance…without GPS, there was no way to reach him in time to save him.

    His microchip did not assist him.

    Please push for affordable GPS microchipping for our pets. Although the currently available $500.00 collar unit is not within my school teacher’s budget, surely the technology (and subscription fees) for pet owners nationwide could be provided at a better cost.

    We miss our kitty terribly. We cremated his remains so we could finally bring him home.

    GPS is sorely needed for pets who lose their way.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing your sad story.

    I’m with you 100% that the use of GPS instead of (or in addition to) microchips. If your pet is lost – a scanner isn’t going to help … but the GPS finder would.

    I will try to find some more GPS articles to post in [The Blog].. Thanks for suggestion!

  3. connie blosser
    | Reply

    I know what the family is going through after losing a beloved pet.I think microchipping is great if you are lucky that a caring animal loving person finds your pet and takes them to a local shelter but if not so lucky and a animal hater or just meanful people get them for what ever reason then the GPS collar is not going to be much help since they can be removed and the animal hater will get rid of it.The only thing that would save them is a GPS implanted microchip in the pet.Our beloved Batman has been missing since 10/16/07, He was asleep in our home and used the cat door to go out sometime that day.We first thought someone may of picked him up and took him, he is a very handsome,loving,friendly,a clock work cat but as the puzzle started to come together, A young adult neighbor of over 7 years took off work that day to go hunting and our Batman just vanished.With Batman’s twin brother ROBIN still with us,He sometimes shows weird signs going crazy when he heard a loud banging noise,like a gunshot,He’s very watchful of the road area and even crossed over with his brother to play in the wooded area,and most strange of all Robin brought me a BAT he caught from that area and laid it on the porch.Watch the other animals you have especially ones like BATMAN & ROBIN that are very close sometimes they can help put the puzzle together.

  4. HART (1-800-HART)
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing. Hopefully Batman will find his way home.

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