Golden Retriever Adoption

Golden Retriever Adoption

By Seth Miller

An old, sick dog shivering on a street is a heart-rending sight. An abandoned dog needs a new home and a second chance at life. Instead of buying a dog, one can consider adopting a forsaken dog and providing it a new home.

A dog may be abandoned for various reasons. When a dog gets old or sick, the owner may find it difficult to give the dog the love that it needs. In such cases the dog is often left to struggle with its age or its medical condition on its own. Unavoidable circumstances like the death of the owner, relocation or economic problems can also render a dog homeless.

A lot of golden retrievers are bred and kept as pets; unfortunately a lot of them are also abandoned. There are many charitable non-profit organizations that rescue golden retrievers. These organizations provide medical care to the sick ones and shelter to the others. They also provide some training. Some of the sick dogs are taken in by foster families for medical treatment. When a golden retriever is fit for a new permanent home it is put up for adoption by the charitable organization.

It is often difficult for a family to adjust to an older golden retriever. Taking care of an abandoned dog needs a lot of patience. Some abandoned dogs may have behavioral problems due to the ignorance or abusive nature of the previous owners. But as it is said that nothing worthwhile comes easy, adopting a neglected golden retriever may be difficult but it can give you a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment. Give a golden retriever a new home and it will give you a home in its heart.

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