Give Your Pets A Lift With High-tech Designs For Doggy Dining

Give Your Pets A Lift With High-tech Designs For Doggy Dining

By Dean Berenbaum

Most people feed their pets on the floor, from a plastic or maybe metal bowl. Until recently, no one questioned this; it is not only the norm, it has always been pretty much the only option. New designs are emerging, however, that are a combination of new thinking in artistic design and product engineering. Pet owners are now demanding the same lifestyle upgrades for their pets that they insist upon for themselves, and creators of pet product are going high tech to serve their needs.

Ergonomics, the study of how best to design every-day items for comfort and safety, is now focusing on our pets. This has led to new designs for common pet products. Along with this, demand that pet products be attractive and compliment our home decor has gotten noticed by pet product manufacturers. The result is healthier, happier pets, and designs which are so refined that many are winning awards at architectural, interior, and industrial design competitions. And a favored place in many of the most elegant homes.

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