G.E. – "ecomagination" Commercials

If you go to G.E.’s “Ecomagination” website at http://ge.ecomagination.com/@v=07012005_1551@/index.html … you can hear C.E.O. Jeff Immelt describe the new commitment to “ecomagination” as being “focused on helping out customers and society at large”. The project is the result of the convergence of three big themes that are going on in around the world today .. That being:

1) The need for more abundant, safer, cleaner, lower of cost, sources of energy,

2) The need for more abundant, lower cost and clear sources of water, and

3) To apply technologies to these areas, that is both cost effective and safe.

And how do I know this? Well, it’s not because I own any shares in the G.E. company, or follow any news releases, such as the Press Release May 9, 2005 about “ecomagination” ….

Quite contrary. My start page for my computer is http://my.msn.com and I occassionally follow the news headlines of the world and mostly the technology and science stories. Anyway, I was watching some online video and all of a sudden I saw a G.E. commercial with a dancing elephant. I watched it. But, I see lots of commercials online. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to have a short advertisement spots before playing videos, or perhaps an entire commercial every 3-4 videos. But what I did find uncommon was seeing another G.E. commercial with a ladder of wild animals.

That’s when I took the time to visit the G.E. website and see if there are any more commercials like these two. There appears to be four commercials – so far – for the ecomagination project, but only these two have the animals in it ..

So, in favor of our “PetLvr” theme, I thought it would be ‘neat’ to link these two commercials here in our blog.

Here are the ads: http://www.ge.com/en/company/companyinfo/advertising/eco_ads.htm


“Tower” :33
GE’s latest TV ad focuses on the GEnx jet engine from GE Transportation. This new engine achieves dramatic gains in fuel efficiency with lower emissions than other engines in its class; another example of pure ecomagination from GE.

Singing in the Rain

“Singin’ in the Rain” :45
An iconic film revisited in this latest ad from GE. This ad introduces the concept of ecomagination.

I was curious: Has anybody else seen these commercials? Thoughts? Comments?

Take care.

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