Gaining Trust, Respect and Control at the Free Lunge

This video shows one of my students practicing my free lunge method. Both student and horse have been studying my online Tao Method Course. I wanted to show my online students where the work takes you, in time and with practice and guidance from me.

What most of you don’t know is how reactive and crazy Leeta, the Arab in this video, was when she first came to me over a year ago. Her previous life and training before me was in Saddle Seat and Dressage. She was a nervous wreck! Scared of everything, typical HOT and over reactive, overly sensitive Arab mind and that was her learned behavior! What you see in this video is her now, after a year of her owner studying and taking lessons with me. Leeta is almost 100% rehabbed and the temperament and nature you see now is who she truly is.

I offer a very comprehensive learning platform, online academy, that teaches the depth of education and training needed to acquire the relationship and mindset you see in all of my videos and especially in this video. The online course is called Tao Method Course. There are 7 learning modules videos presented each month along with supplemental reading materials and “How to” practice sheets. The course is being offered at discount and is only $34.95/month. Once you join you can access any and all monthly courses (videos), however you need to begin at the beginning and with Course 1. Here is the promotion for the academy and courses available should you be interested:

Limited time offer! Get started today for only $34.95!

Caroline has a proven method of training and rehabbing horses that not only answers ALL-of-your questions while providing you with REAL solutions, it is a loving, safer and effective way to start and re-start horses. Caroline has designed the most comprehensive training and solution based online equine academy available! Students from all over the world can now study from home, learning the necessary skill sets needed to master the many aspects of horsemanship. Her online academy provides different courses to study with a focus on her world-renown relational approach to training and bonding horses and their people.

Through Caroline’s courses students will not only learn how to assess, train and problem solve, they will learn how to develop the ultimate relationship with their horse during the training process. This is what makes Caroline’s training approach and method so unique and amazingly rewarding for both horse and human!

The Tao Method Course is Caroline’s foundational training curriculum, where she begins with each-and-every horse and person. You can now study, practice and interact with Caroline right from your home or barnyard! Through this course you will learn how to train your horse correctly by following a step-by-step educational curriculum. While this curriculum teaches you the many building blocks necessary to develop a solid and correct foundation it also focuses on you and your horse’s learning aptitude and emotional, mental and physical well-being during the process.

The Tao Method Course dives deeply into the psyche, heart and bio-mechanics of horses, taking you step-by-step into the following areas of horsemanship:

– Horse psychology
– Learn about equine nature and specific temperament
– Learn how to assess and work with learned behaviors
– Develop deep connections and feelings of “oneness” when working with our horses
– Develop deeper mind-body awareness, spirituality and intuitiveness
– Learn how to speak the Language of Equus through mind, body and soul work
– Work with energy, Chakra’s when connecting and communicating deeply
– Develop feel and timing, the “Holy Grail” of horsemanship through specific techniques and exercises
– Become a better diagnostician and problem-solver
– Learn about the bio-mechanics of movement
– Learn the Art of Lunging
– Develop balance, collection and self-carriage
– Develop a Classical Dressage Foundation
– Learn to ride confidently and with a balanced and independent seat
– Develop trust, confidence and safety when working on the ground and riding
– Learn how to re-educate and rehab
– Develop a fabulous, safe partner on the trail and so much more!

Hope to see you on the online course discussion board!

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