Funny tame raccoon

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

this is our pet coon jumpin from the couch onto me.

What do you think?

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  1. xxDarkstreamxx says:

    @samtheman840 are you you stupid? hes tossing the raccoon. onto a couch. gently. theyre horsing around. and the raccoon was obviously okay. -.- i swear to god some people just need to be killed off.

  2. xxDarkstreamxx says:

    i love your raccoon. <3 wish i had one. was he still a baby? he looked tiny.

  3. samuraigraffix says:

    @samtheman840 your a homo, i’ve seen racoons fall atleats 15 feet out of a tree on to the ground and run off with at so much as farting. the racoon here went 1 1/2 feet horzantaly and 6 in ces down on to a soft couch.

  4. judithestherbairluj says:

    how did you got that raccoon? do you take care of it as if it was a dog? Im thinking maybe get one in the future and i need to know if it is almost the same as having a dog.. answer please 🙂

  5. claritonclear says:

    @judithestherbairluj the mother had been killed and we found this when it was only a week or so old. this coon has been released into the wild a few years ago, we had it for almost a year and it got aggresive. they are fun for awhile but always have their wild tendancies. i wouldnt recommend getting one.

  6. LaughingSeraphim says:

    @88cinlou Um, who exactly are you to be defining what a real man? Let me guess, a man who does things that agree with you and your take on the world?

  7. judithestherbairluj says:

    @claritonclear awww too bad… they are soo cute, i thought that coons could be tamed because they are canines 🙁

  8. 4 words raccoons,are,very,cute. 10 words raccoon,awsome,cute,interesting,sweet,cool,adorable,act,like,cats……And also 1 more word…….L-O-V-A-B-L-E!………………..sometimes

  9. thatamazinggeek says:

    @claritonclear so how do they get agressive then? do they attack the people they know or just strangers? how serious is it?

  10. notreally19 says:

    SO FUKING CUTE!!! I didn’t know you could actulally own one. hjahhha

  11. SamiSadistic says:


  12. RNorthex says:

    how did it get agressive?
    mine is almost 2 years old and tends to be agressive during the winter, but apart from that, never really
    he’s not even growling so much if i pet him while he eats

  13. edzick917 says:

    Bitey little bastard isnt he?

  14. jesuschrist301 says:

    nice i wont a coon

  15. AnimalGuardian71 says:

    @lookingfly109 O-o

  16. dylanbeitz1 says:

    @jesuschrist301 that’s been illegal since late 1800’s

  17. expressivechild says:

    Raccoon loves belly rub too!

  18. DennisBillington says:

    You Must Have Raised Him From A Cub! He Looks To Be Very Well Trained!

  19. 123PolarFire123 says:

    Dam now I want one

  20. OWHSsoccer07 says:

    a raccoon as a pet would be AWESOME!!!

  21. koxiesarmy says:

    That looked like one very happy coon. Thanks for releasing it too. Many people don’t get the fact that they are wild. Really, a great vid.

  22. smallbell18 says:

    It looks like a cute stuffed animal.

  23. shazpie says:

    hahahaa aww thats adorable!

  24. vinngrizzle says:

    i know somebody that has a pet racoon found it on the side of the road good pet fully tame nothing wrong with it i think its great …… is it house trained or litter trained???

  25. claritonclear says:

    @vinngrizzle it was house trained, it would call to go outside when it wanted out, the litter box in the house was to messy. we have a couple of dogs and the raccoon would go out when the dogs went out.

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