Funny sceene from Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Jim Carrey

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Like the title says, funny sceene from Ace Ventura, Pet Detective! Jim Carrey FTW ๐Ÿ˜€

What do you think?

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26 Responses

  1. SuperRocketPenguin
    | Reply

    @KLJNHBUINOILNO last scene when he slams his head into the bench, the doctor started laughing lol, look at his body XD

  2. yzon33
    | Reply

    rofl the slow mode part…

  3. ahbee1980
    | Reply

    2:24 min, the look on the doctor face lol… he must be thinking : SHIT I AM IN FOR A FUCKING HARD TIME….

  4. LoveMusic182
    | Reply

    @Drakedragon1315 when i see it..Iยดm dying…pure masterpiece…:D

  5. Jay57575
    | Reply

    You can see the docter begin to laugh right after Carrey slams his head into the bench but they cut it off. Hahahah!

  6. Kikakatze
    | Reply

    Wie Geil !!!!! die szene mit HALBZEIT! roll ich mich jedesmal am boden. . . ^^

  7. camba100x100
    | Reply

    makes me laugh every time xD

  8. puttings
    | Reply

    @KLJNHBUINOILNO You can see her laughing when Jim does the backwards talking. Also the doctor laughs while explaining when Jim runs around shouting “OVER HERE”, haha ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. JDT112233
    | Reply

    2:00 XD that is where I laughed the most

  10. OceanBabe70
    | Reply

    *Gets down on knees…*

  11. BenakaBambi
    | Reply

    how can you dislike this???????

  12. TheRampletero
    | Reply

    The Best Movie Ever.

  13. Halo55691
    | Reply

    Jim Carrey is the best

  14. xdottigirlx
    | Reply

    HAHAHAHA. The last bit where he smacks his head down on the seat is hilarious!!!! BANG!

  15. Halo56691
    | Reply

    The greatest Pet Detective film

  16. DritteGeiger
    | Reply


  17. shadowwolf386
    | Reply

    lol Shady acres Tom Shadyac :p

  18. AmberTalksTooMuch
    | Reply

    thank you SO MUCH for putting this on youtube. i love this scene :))

  19. wesj1989
    | Reply

    You can also see the doctor start to laugh at the very end when Ace slams his head onto the chair.

  20. kitttykat248
    | Reply

    2:01 XD

  21. sexykatie90
    | Reply


  22. killem944
    | Reply

    Holy testicle tuesday!

  23. diana88sta
    | Reply

    ”I’m ready to go in coach, just give me a chance!” – this face is unforgetable! xDDDD

  24. vodkaananas69
    | Reply

    2:17 DLLLLLLIIII !!!!

    That scene cracks me up XD

  25. XxYouRockMyWorldXxx
    | Reply


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