Funny Pets & Other Hilarious Animals

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

title says it all.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. DreamCity84
    | Reply

    stupid but funny

  2. DreamCity84
    | Reply

    stupid but funny
    you no its not funny when you dont spell simple words right

  3. DreamCity84
    | Reply

    stupid but funny
    you no its not funny when you dont spell simple words right
    omg you suck these are funny but you just got them off the internet
    you cant spell right
    lol my dads friend has the cougar pic
    it was on his door step

  4. Jordanistheshit1
    | Reply

    3:22 eww yo its something naked.

  5. bellamariecullen9
    | Reply

    Who could not like this video…its not like it actually happend…and everybody takes it in to offense that is actually did happen…

  6. rfkdahemoun
    | Reply

    so funny

  7. TheGuyWithNoVideos2
    | Reply

    lololololololololololol soooooooo funny haha! my cat duz stupid as fuck stuff sometimes too

  8. MrRjransom
    | Reply

    @halfdeadsk8er15 id laugh my ass off if the same day you said this you had your mom take pictures of you.

  9. MrRjransom
    | Reply

    0:22 Darth Yelper

  10. moonie5880
    | Reply

    3:31 – 3:35 WAT IS THAT?! WTF

  11. CherLover1999
    | Reply

    KItty Smell Something????
    Thumbs up!!

  12. lockkie1234
    | Reply

    whats that at 3:21??

  13. MegaSmud
    | Reply

    1:24 A cat sleeps on a mouse 🙂

  14. SatansBestie
    | Reply

    @slycooper7zman OH GOOD GOD WHAT IS THAT haha nice

  15. builttogrind57
    | Reply

    That was so funny when the cat was on the guy ass

  16. AliEnosDesch
    | Reply

    3:32 – What is that!? Eeeeww!!!!

  17. 101crunchie
    | Reply

    Nice work check mine out 101crunchie

  18. rockman378
    | Reply

    this is one of the best cat pics montage evar!!!!!!

  19. ToriDissedYurMom
    | Reply

    @halfdeadsk8er15 wait then why did you watch it ?

  20. halfdeadsk8er15
    | Reply

    @ToriDissedYurMom Who the fuck said i watched it!

  21. angelatink
    | Reply

    This is an awsome video!! Thanks 4 sharing!! I laughed till I bout cried!!

  22. ToriDissedYurMom
    | Reply

    @halfdeadsk8er15 well obviously u sed it all. how els would you know its a slide show? and a bitch? GET A F-IN LIFEEEE!!!!!!

  23. halfdeadsk8er15
    | Reply

    @ToriDissedYurMom LOL kid, look whos talking. your trying to start a pointless fucking argument over someone’s comment on how crappy the vid was. Here is a life lesson, there are gonna be people who have different opinions then you. Welcome to reality, NOW GET OVER IT!

  24. BluefireRedfire
    | Reply

    its not hilarious but it IS very cute and funny

  25. iPhoneAppPromotions
    | Reply

    Great pets video this 😉
    I found loads on good ones at petslobby(dot)com

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