Funny pets cats

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Real fun …watch out cats wrecking havoc

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. MrClubpenguin10
    | Reply

    seen em al

  2. MissLulusBoutique
    | Reply

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  3. Kylerknight
    | Reply

    i just love these little kitty kittes

  4. icommentonvids1
    | Reply

    cats and dogs can be friends =)

  5. swodrsmaster989
    | Reply

    hey i just made my first 3 video please watch them 🙂 (how I met a parrot) (The most contagious laugh ever) and (sicko destroys an ipod) subscribe and like if the videos makes you laugh thx :)))

  6. DerBrezelesser
    | Reply


  7. lillysnape72
    | Reply

    Cats can be so funny!!

  8. MurphyMcGurk
    | Reply

    youtube . com / murphymcgurk

  9. melikebigboomboom
    | Reply

    spider cat

  10. missdontask101
    | Reply

    this i s a take of somebody else did this dont take peoples stuff

  11. dmonelog
    | Reply

    Ummmmm y is it pets cats

  12. majaesanders
    | Reply

    that was so cute

  13. RileysPage
    | Reply

    me wants a cat but my dog’s afraid of them….

  14. LucyLurcher99
    | Reply


  15. vdubb3386
    | Reply

    0:52 so cute

  16. 101crunchie
    | Reply

    Funny watch mine also 101 crunchie small fri

  17. Dehdif
    | Reply

    1:09 NINJA CAT!!!

  18. aabbii93here
    | Reply

    01:17 Toasted cat anyone 😛

  19. ajayadore
    | Reply

    Funny luv it omg on tha floor

  20. phe423
    | Reply

    Very funny…..except for the ignorant moron throwing the cat to the ceiling so he has to hang on for dear life…..come on; let’s keep our limits to actually being funny and not cruel and stupid.

  21. opalbell
    | Reply

    wow that cat coming around the corner totally did that on purpose lol

  22. evolved2207
    | Reply

    Ekstra filmik naprawdę uśmiałem się jak nigdy , polecam !!!!!

  23. JosephStalin11
    | Reply

    I love my cat

  24. MrRoomi2009
    | Reply

    Thumps up if u like 0:44 and 1:03

  25. iPhoneAppPromotions
    | Reply

    Great cat video! If you like videos like this a funny pets you should go to petslobby(dot)com

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