Funny Facts About Cats

Funny Facts About Cats

By Susan Esterbill

Fact#1: Cats will stay away from cardboard or life sized statue cats

For some reason, cats stay away from life sized cat statues or cardboard cats. This is a useful fact when trying to keep your cat away from your garden or backyard. You can buy these from a gardening hardware store.

Fact#2: Cats may like chicken but not chicken wire

Cats can do considerable damage to your garden when left unchecked. To discourage cats from eliminating and digging in your garden or from eating the plants, you can locate the plants between strips of chicken wire.

Fact#3: Cats hate lemon peels, soap slivers and pepper.

Because of this, you can place these materials in your garden, kitchen, furniture, and tabletop or anywhere you don’t want your cat to go to.

Fact#4: Cats like to scratch.

This cat habit can be very annoying and expensive especially if the cat is ripping up the carpet. To counter this habit, buy your cat a scratching post and encourage him to use his claws on it instead. Some cats may have special preferences when it comes to the material used for the scratching post. The different materials you can use for your cat’s scratching posts are sisal rope, corrugated cardboard or a reversed carpet.

Fact#5: Cats hate water.

Cat hates water so having around a squirt gun will help you train your cats and discourage them from doing the things you don’t like them to do like eliminating outside the litter box. Don’t use the litter box for entertainment purposes though as this will confuse your cat on what you want them to do.

Fact#6: Cats hate loud noises and surprises

Yes, cats don’t like the idea of jumping out of their skin from surprise. You can use this to your advantage by placing tin cans with coins inside on top of shelves, kitchen counters, tables and anywhere you don’t want your cat to go. Of course, you have to position these cans in such as way that they will tip over with the slightest movement. This will certainly encourage your cat to keep away from those places.

Fact#7: Cats are scared of vacuum cleaners.

Cats are scared of vacuum cleaners; in fact they are terrified of vacuum cleaners. If your cat has the annoying habit of waking you up every morning, you can use a vacuum cleaner to scare off your cat and make him learn to respect your time of rest. If your cat wakes you up every morning by scratching on your door, you can position the vacuum cleaner in such a way that it is by the door and can easily be activated by you.

Fact#8: Cats are creatures of habit

Cats love routines. Because of this, try to stick to a schedule that your cat can depend especially when it comes to feeding time. If your cat has the habit of disturbing you whenever it’s hungry, do not encourage it by feeding it outside of the regular schedule. Stick to the feeding schedule and your cat will soon know when to expect his food.

About the Author: Susan Esterbill loves watching her cats prowl and play around the house.

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