Funny Egyptian Mau Meow

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

wow I didn’t think this video would become so popular. Thanks for watching everyone, I appreciate all the comments too! Well.. the majority of them lol 🙂

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. LittleMissAlleyCat
    | Reply

    ur cat is beautiful! he has such a deep meow, which is the total opposite of my cat. my cat has been spazzy today…lol hes right next to me. hes such a beautiful kitty…

  2. chestbeard
    | Reply

    @DJdude250 lol..I was just thinking that. BADLY immitating a meow, even.

  3. JBhab30
    | Reply


  4. Pin0Colada
    | Reply

    Actually this cat sounds like Ray Ramano talking.

  5. ScubaTiger
    | Reply

    LOL !
    I just played your video.
    My bengal cat woke up and starting answering.

  6. kyrojoki
    | Reply

    Holy cat!

  7. Trebuchet1066
    | Reply

    ddr-My hubby & I fell over! We have a Mau & I swear, Mindy is Jumper’s long lost twin sister! Got “MinkMeat” (nickname, sorry) from the SPCA where they thought they would have to euthanize her because she was “very badly abused” by her previous owner & would bite & scratch anyone who came close to her or tried to touch her. We’ve had her for 10 yrs & for the 1st yr all she did was eat & hide, but we are now able to pet her & scratch her & she is jumping up next to us when we are in chairs. Thnx

  8. minikitteh
    | Reply

    That’s clearly the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the cat world.

  9. Prettyprincesszelda9
    | Reply

    it sounds like the cat bus from “My neighboor Totoro!” XD

  10. wavelength420
    | Reply

    my cat rubs up against my laptop when i play this

  11. LittleMissAlleyCat
    | Reply

    this is adoreable but its a normal cat meow the cat just has a low voice

  12. melissatx75
    | Reply

    beautiful cat

  13. xeotech1
    | Reply


  14. Seydaschu
    | Reply

    What kind of cat are you?
    Smart kitty!

  15. z3rsk1
    | Reply

    he’s always trying to get outside!

  16. PeopleSuckPeriod
    | Reply

    I would call the “nonchalant of cats’ meows.”

  17. coffeelunatic
    | Reply

    awww I just want to pet that beautiful cat

  18. XxPrincessBaibix
    | Reply

    my cat is the sam breed and she meows jus like tht. sometimes its annoyinh.

  19. xHizukax
    | Reply

    WTF!!! thats one ugly cat you’ve got there

  20. Jasminewynja
    | Reply

    what a wonderful meow!!! I’m in love <3

  21. Jasminewynja
    | Reply

    Nah, it’s your own ugliness that’s showing 🙂

  22. xHizukax
    | Reply

    @Jasminewynja no no no no no my dear.. im telling the truth, that thing is very ugly.. you might try throwing it elsewhere.

  23. Jasminewynja
    | Reply

    In my eyes that cat is adorable 🙂

  24. carrotxyz
    | Reply


  25. kardlad28
    | Reply

    @xHizukax never make fun of an egyptian mau they are the best breeds out their

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