Funny Cats

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

it’s soo funny 😀 audio content is licensed by UMG Song 1: Gioachino Rossini – The Thieving Magpie Song 2: The Presidents of the United States of America – Kitty Song 3: The Nutcracker Song 4: Smash Mouth – All Star Song 5: The Wiseguys – Ooh La La PS: i will ignore messages whit the subject “Business Proposal Regarding Your YouTube Videos”

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. Radu13Radu
    | Reply

    @mrdiamondback1 like you and your father

  2. sdan94
    | Reply

    But will they blend?

  3. Polishsoldier1
    | Reply

    18186151 views and no video statistics? wtf?!

  4. lls446
    | Reply


  5. bowenbombastic
    | Reply

    @NickHopkinsMedia Cant wait to see that 😛

  6. ghostlyring
    | Reply

    thumps up if you watched the full clip

  7. iElementalGameing
    | Reply

    step 1:go to my channel and subscribe
    step 2:send me a message saying i subbed
    step 3:ill subscrie back stright away

  8. Ocastillabiurrun
    | Reply

    4:40-4:43 JESUS!

  9. HumanityDeath
    | Reply

    @NickHopkinsMedia where’s the vid??????

  10. Dharengo
    | Reply

    827 people never crawled out of their own cold Turkey.

  11. JointCracky
    | Reply

    18 mil. view… baw…. xD

  12. Psccon
    | Reply

    @NickHopkinsMedia I think u owe us somthing hahaha

  13. wanchumat
    | Reply


  14. epicwarding
    | Reply

    Cat’s are funny cose they have Beast instincs – dog’s are pets, cats are beasts :p

  15. 13m9i14n9i
    | Reply

    at 2:00 itd jesus!!!

  16. Poisonfrogg
    | Reply

    fucking capitalist….. who wants a laugh track??

  17. Arkalius80
    | Reply

    @spagetti001 Not really… it’s just a reversed video of a cat pushing them off.

  18. qwertypoiuy12344
    | Reply

    @NickHopkinsMedia Yay, the /b/rothers are coming from the nigger version of /b/.

    WTF moot, WTF?

  19. GiggityGuns
    | Reply

    yo i luv this it is funny

  20. markovukic12
    | Reply

    1:09 – ambush hahahah

  21. JuggernautMK02
    | Reply

    A promise on the internet is an oath you cannot break.

  22. ExoVampire
    | Reply

    Cute and Funny! 😀

  23. jonny1788
    | Reply

    827 people have no souls

  24. ChrisMaldeis
    | Reply

    check out my videos for a good laugh and entertainment and remember to subscribe:)

  25. gamesgems
    | Reply

    stop making fun of cats :d

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