Funny Animal Joke

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Track from Jackie Kashian new album It Is Never Going To Be Bread. Now available on iTunes or on the website

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. TheDorkForest
    | Reply

    @americanforthewin the same animator did one of Kyle’s jokes. search on youtube Kyle Kinane Bunnies or it’s one of my favorites. 🙂

  2. americanforthewin
    | Reply

    @TheDorkForest I did see that one. Pretty good as well. I wonder the name of the animator. I want to see more of these. Extremely good.

  3. importantverbs
    | Reply

    Man, the weirdos on youtube! I love my cats. I live in Los Angeles and I can’t explain how ridiculous pet owners are. This is hilarious like all of Jackie’s material!!

  4. importantverbs
    | Reply

    @erin6770 Haters gonna hate. There’s a thousand other comics for you to listen to out there.

  5. rbunag
    | Reply

    better now or now? meow. lol

  6. importantverbs
    | Reply

    @kazzystarved Hey I disagree, I think she’s pretty much brilliant. Regardless, she’s one of about 14 billion comics with jokes on youtube. Weridos can easy find another one they like better.

  7. Sirham
    | Reply

    thanks for bringing me here Jimmy.

  8. ReactionForce
    | Reply

    Good lawd, that was great, scratch that, fucking amazing.

  9. Hostile
    | Reply

    I love this material and I love this animation. Fine work, Jackie.

  10. BorkBorkBork19
    | Reply

    I eat at Jinky’s too, there is totally an Eye Clinic there. No joke.

  11. bellbrass
    | Reply

    I know people like this in Kentucky!

  12. TheDorkForest
    | Reply

    Glad you like this so much everyone!!

  13. EnricCirne
    | Reply

    So funny! & true.

  14. bertyboo22
    | Reply

    This sucks.

  15. livelimitlessly
    | Reply

    LA person here-SOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! Luv this!

  16. nettuno5
    | Reply

    Nothing is more intellectually crippling than self indulgent anthropocentrism.

  17. skreeran
    | Reply

    Excellent animation… 🙂

  18. Cheesewookie
    | Reply

    i love the animation, its like clipart

  19. PEPPYY22
    | Reply

    Try working w doctors. They’d step over the homeless guy to get muffin a MRI. And don’t you dare comment on how shitty things are for humans!
    Medicare for all? What is wrong w you? you commie!
    Why do you hate America and animals? I’m kidding, not all doctors are self involved assholes.

  20. PEPPYY22
    | Reply

    Man, what key do I hit for that?

  21. 5959512
    | Reply


  22. dotlol123
    | Reply

    Better Neow or Meow?
    Better Neow or Meow?
    Well… that’s what my brain hears. It had it’s own ears. Inner ears, I supose.

  23. Svbgosh
    | Reply

    This is hilarious Jackie also does a podcast called the dork forest which you can find on iTunes

  24. mjgoodson
    | Reply

    I heard her on the Marc Maron podcast, she was hilarious. This video backs that up. Great stuff Jackie.

  25. beaversrock
    | Reply

    better now or now?


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