Free Hunting Dog Training Videos – Live Bird Retrieves

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

In this video we show the proper way to ready a pigeon for limited flight allowing for practice on retrieving live birds from longer distances. Rooster is able to find and retrieve the pigeon for Chad!

What do you think?

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10 Responses

  1. kick5take
    | Reply

    Very Interesting new video

  2. Nakayla88
    | Reply

    wow fetch with a bird..

  3. williamberry85
    | Reply

    Can a quail be prepared this way as well? Also, does training with pigeons take away from the dogs drive for other birds? Like if I am training for quail, is it ok to use pigeons for training?

  4. willowcreekkennels
    | Reply

    Yes, we always start with pigeons as homing pigeons are the best bird for developing pointing instinct. Once the dog is pointing pigeons well, we move to quail. A dog can be trained on only quail, but one would want to be very careful to use only good flying birds. We do not want the dogs catching the birds. Good Luck.

  5. CapstoneRetrievers1
    | Reply

    I’ve trained retrievers for the last 4 years and have been around retrievers my entire life, but I have always liked and wanted a GSP, but I know their training is obviously not the same as a retriever breed, so how difficult is training a GSP for hunting? As you know to pass the HRC Grand you have to pass a upland test, but that is way difficult than what goes into pointer training. Sorry for the long winded blab and thank you for the videos they’re enjoyable and edcucational.


  6. CapstoneRetrievers1
    | Reply

    I meant way different than what goes into pointer training.


  7. willowcreekkennels
    | Reply

    To put it short – ease of training all comes down to breeding. That is why we at Willow Creek work very hard to produce intellegent, easy handling, natural, bird finding, long nosed, retrieving dogs with a great temperment that will handle pheasants, grouse, ducks and geese just as well as your family. Please let us know if you would be interested in a German Shorthair and we would be more the happy to help match you to the perfect puppy in hopes of getting you the dog of a life time!

  8. fossilcrinoid
    | Reply

    This is so unbelievably cruel, it surprises me that live-bird training is legal. I’ve seen my share of it but never fail to be dismayed and disgusted by the callousness you all exhibit toward living birds. Beyond the inherent suffering to the bird caused by this training, the handling is unbelievable. I’ve rescued injured homing pigeons and you do realize that pulling their wings back behind their backs is one of the most painful grips you can exert on a bird. How do you live with yourselves?

  9. NikkoWist
    | Reply

    @fossilcrinoid Thanks for the post I totally agree.

  10. jammydannon
    | Reply

    mercy on the bird STUPID!!!!!!!!!

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