Free Hunting Dog Training Videos – Bird Launcher – Introduction

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

In this video we show the proper way to introduce your dog to a bird launcher. This is a great tool that you will be able to use as you complete more advanced training with your dog.

What do you think?

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5 Responses

  1. ss109guy
    | Reply

    Not sure if that was for me but thanks that is what I was looking for. Hoping for a part 2 but if not thanks very much. I used a little different approach with my last dog but I think this is much better.

  2. rkoenig5310
    | Reply

    Very nice video. Methods are sound while reinforcing small steps to gain continued success. You guys do a great job working with dogs to build a secure, sound and confident hunting partner.

  3. broncbusterdan
    | Reply

    I like your videos and understand and agree with how you are breaking down the steps for the dog. I am new to pointing dogs, but I don’t understand why you would want the dog to learn to point at the beep. Pointing at the smell, yes. Beep, ?

    Is this for a whoa association later on, or am I just missing it?
    Please don’t take my question as negative criticism. I really am asking why.

  4. willowcreekkennels
    | Reply

    When I purchased my first launcher with a beeper, I thought, what a waste of a feature, I can remember where I put my launchers. Now we condition every dog to point the beeper. This way if a dog is not going to point, we beep the launcher, and the dogs stops and points, if properly conditioned to the beep. This way, we build on success. Ideally a dog would never bump a bird, and point everything.

  5. willowcreekkennels
    | Reply

    Most of the time we are able to achieve this in the launcher portion of the pointing training. We use it for confidence, if a dog is not sure the bird is there. We also use the beep to introduce backing, if a dog is on point, and another dog is coming in, we beep, and they honor. In summary, the beeper conditioning helps the dog to make less mistakes, and to be more successful.

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