For the Amused Cat Lovers Out There

The website was launched June 8, 2005 and I noticed it immediately, and posted an entry on the site on June 10, 2005 (Click Here for Archived Page) ….

Stuff On Cat Dot Com

Well, that site got really popular really fast and for two really great reasons …

  • stuff + cats = AWESOME!
  • stuff ON cats = EVEN MORE AWESOME!!
  • To Surf: I recommend just surfing each of the Categories on the right side, below “ALL” and enjoy the pictures for what they are all about!

    Thanks to a heads up from another Pet Lover Blog called “Four Legged Links” … on one of the next interesting cat sites to watch!


    Here’s the premise: A cat picture is posted. A friend takes a picture of his own cat looking at the cat picture. And there you have it! Cat’s looking at cat pictures of cats looking at cat pictures looking at … well … you’ll get it … it goes on for Infinity or at least the owner probably hopes that it does! Right now the count is at 1,035 pictures of cats looking at cat pictures online!

    To Surf: Select Cat Group 01 and click on NEXT to see the next picture!

    The Infinite Cat Project

    Check them both out.


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