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You might have noticed that I have added a link to my personal Twitter profile at the top of these pages … .. All posts from this PetLvr Blog and from around my HART-Empire Network are automagically pinged out into Twitter-ville-land. This makes it easy for you to follow our posts without the use of an RSS Reader!

I will follow everybody who follows me, which means that if you want to send me a private direct message (d PetLvr {message}) – I will get it and respond as soon as possible! And, if you want to just send me a public message to @PetLvr .. I will either respond to your message immediately or as soon as practical because I do get notices every couple of hours or so of people who try to contact me.

If you are not on twitter, you may still to our posts and us anytime. If you would like to start using Twitter .. here is what I use and recommend: >> first sign up! >> you can tweet from here too you know >> HART’s preferred way to tweet on the web >> If you are using Firefox, add this extension to tweet your 2cents anytime, or any URL that you find interesting to the world! >> Join our Blog Catalog Twitter Group and introduce yourself and find new friends >> If don’t like my picks .. try something else! >> TwiTip is edited by Darren Rowse from ProBlogger Blog Tips and is all about Twitter.

Twitter and Microblogging is here to stay folks .. You probably already heard about Twitter during the election, on stories from major newspapers or even your local TV station .. it’s not going away – it’s just going to get better and MORE in your face! What are you doing (in 140 characters or less) anyway?

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HART aka PetLvr
HART-Empire Network

Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year 2009 from all of us at PetLvr [The Blog]

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