Flexi City 6ft Retractable Leash Giveaway

Good news!

The Flexi Leash company wanted to send their new 6ft Flexi City leash to us for testing! I said I would test it out with my Papillon dog Maxxie, provided they send me another one to giveaway to a PetLvr reader. And they agreed!

Please watch this video of me testing the 6ft Flexi City Retractable Leash with our 12 year old Papillon dog (Maxxie). Then please watch and read the company sponsored videos and press release to learn about this product and retractable leashes in general.

Contest Rules and Giveaway details are at the bottom of the page.

Directions and Special Precautions for Walking Your Dog on a flexi Retractable Leash

Press Release about the Animal Behavior College’s endorsement of Flexi products

“Flexi Retractable Leashes Recommended by ABTA”

Animal Behavior and Training Associates, Inc.
Flexi Training Applications

As a professional obedience trainer with over 20 years experience, I have had numerous opportunities to utilize the Flexi Retractable Leash in training. Many trainers I have spoken with were under the impression that Flexis couldn’t be used in training. I can assure you, this is not the case. Here are a few examples of training applications using Flexi.

Housebreaking: Once the house training concept has been shaped and learned by the dog, the Flexi can be used by certain clients under specific conditions in a way that is effective, convenient and sometimes safer than conventional leashes. Flexi’s long reach allows dog owners to give their dog access to a yard while they (the owners) can stand inside, under a porch, etc. This is potentially valuable, especially with elderly clients who might risk injury walking a dog at night and/or under wet, icy, dangerous conditions. With Flexi, the dog has a certain level of freedom while still being restrained by their

Additionally, many owners housebreaking young puppies have not yet completed obedience training. Anyone who has had to spend 20 minutes trying to catch their dog to get him/her back in the house, particularly at 3:00 AM… in the rain, knows how inconvenient and frustrating this can be. It can also be counter productive to obedience training as owners who find themselves chasing their dogs around the yard repeating “come, come, come” are actually undoing any obedience they’re attempting to teach. With Flexi, this scenario can be avoided.

Loose Leash Walking: While the Flexi is not designed to teach heeling or loose leash walking, it can be used most effectively once these behaviors have been shaped and learned. Many people want to be able to let their dogs walk without having to always heel. Sometimes, it’s ok to let a dog sniff the grass and … be a dog. The Flexi allows owners the ability to give their dog a good deal of freedom while still being able to restrain their pets if they need to.

Distance work: Flexi is also a good tool to utilize in proofing the obedience commands stay and come. The Flexi design allows clients to maintain control of their pet from a distance and do so without the inconvenience that can sometimes occur with tangled long lines.

Control for Physically Challenged Clients: Here too the Flexi can be very useful for clients whose dogs have already learned basic heeling. Some people, especially those with arthritis in their hands or walking with a cane, will find the large easy to grip Flexi handle much easier to work with. The retractable feature of the Flexi is also helpful for these clients if they need a little “help” reminding their dog about the recall. This is especially true with small dogs.

In closing, I can state that Flexi does have specific training applications and that in specific circumstances, with certain clients, it can be highly effective and convenient. Clients should always be reminded to follow the “Directions for Use” and “Safety Precautions” included with every Flexi leash.

Steven P. Appelbaum has trained professionally since 1980. He is the president of Animal Behavior and Training Associates, Inc., the largest independent dog obedience training company in North America and President of Animal Behavior College, a school devoted to training the next generation of dog obedience instructors.

For additional information about the entire range of flexi leashes contact Flexi USA, Inc., 147 Circle Freeway Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 45246 or call us at 800-543-4921. Visit our web site at http://www.flexiusa.com or email us at flexiusa@flexiusa.com.

About Flexi Company History

About flexi
When Manfred Bogdahn developed his first retractable leash at the beginning of the 1970s, he had no idea that he was laying the foundation for a very successful German family company with his invention..

The Idea
Those who decide to own a dog must consider the necessary exercise for their pet. But what happens when it is not possible to let him run without a leash? This is exactly the question Manfred Bogdahn asked himself and he came up with the ingenious idea to develop a retractable dog leash.

With an appropriate amount of pioneering spirit, Manfred Bogdahn began the construction of his first prototype. Not without consequences: he soon attracted the attention of other dog owners, and was swamped with requests for this unusual dog leash. A business idea was born.

More than three decades later, the flexi brand is a household name for happy dog owners worldwide. Like nothing else, it stands for controlled freedom of movement and the greatest handling comfort.

The Company
What began in 1973 with the starting mechanism of a power saw and two simple wooden shells has grown over time and has become a successful business venture. flexi today exports around 90% of its retractable leashes to more than 60 countries.

As an internationally acting market leader, the company is conscious of its international responsibility. Thus, flexi products are exclusively manufactured in the German factory in Bargteheide near Hamburg – with one clear goal: to offer millions of dog owners around the world high quality and reliable dog leashes but also to offer many people a secure job in Germany.

Approx. 300 highly motivated employees ensure on a daily basis that the flexi products are manufactured up to the highest standards and that they are continuously developed and perfected.

The result is a top product – Made in Germany.

Company Philosophy
Honesty – Frankness – Diligence – Trust
In nowadays realities where time is money and the aspiration for the highest possible profit reaches alarming levels, ethical and moral values are again a trend in medium-sized businesses. Ethical conduct and implemented social responsibility are still the best base for stable business success.

We run our company according to these ethical and moral core values – and this already since the foundation of flexi. For almost four decades, our company is situated in the city of Bargteheide in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, near Hamburg, Germany. We feel more than associated with the people of the region: It was here, where Manfred Bogdahn finally invented the product which is today exported with great success to more than 60 countries in the world: The flexi retractable leash.

It is the solidarity with Germany as our location for business, whereupon our approx. 300 highly motivated employees and their families as well as retailers and end users around the world can rely.

In line with our core values we will energetically approach our set future targets in a customer and result oriented way but above all full of optimism. Freely adapted from the motto:

“Never start ending, never stop beginning”
(Marcus Tullius Cicero)

More than 35 years of continuous research and development have made the retractable leashes from flexi a top product “Made in Germany”.

The product performance was recognised by numerous international trade magazines and organisations in the pet sector and was awarded with many prizes.

Lots of joy at flexi about the rating “Brand of the Century”

Flexi received the German Brand Prize 2010 and was accordingly elected one of the most renowned brands in German economy. Since 1984, the publishing house Langenscheidt decorates major German brands, among those many family businesses.

This benchmark for famous labels now lists flexi alongside renowned brands like BMW, Haribo and Steiff.


Flexi is featured prominently in the book “Hidden Champions of the Twenty-First Century”, written by Professor Dr. Hermann Simon.

Campus (12. September 2007)
452 Sites
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3593383802
ISBN-13: 978-3593383804

PET 2007 IRA
The readers of the US American trade magazine Pet Business have decorated the flexi Elégance with the Industry Recognition Award 2007 (IRA). For the US-retailers, this exclusive design leash with its high gloss polished casing is the best product in the category leashes and collars. Every year, the IRA awards innovative and outstanding products from the US Pet industry.

Best Buy Award
“Best buy Award” for the product of the year. The vote is conducted by the US American end-consumers. The winners in this category for the years 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004: flexi.

reddot design award 2006
“Reddot design award” 2006 for the product design of the flexi Comfort series.

Global Pets Forum 2001 “Brands & Branding”
On the occasion of the Global Pets Forum 2001 “Brands & Branding” in Florence, flexi was awarded for 30 years of successful product and branding policy.

In 2005, flexi received the Japanese Good Design Award …It was dedicated to the Comfort series.

In 2002, the readers of the US American trade magazine DOGFANCY awarded the flexi Giant with the Editor’s Choice Award.

Flexi City 6ft Retractable Leash Contest Rules and Giveaway Details

(1) I only have one Flexi City 6ft Retractable Leash to give away, and this is a picture of it.

(2) This contest is open to Facebook Readers Only

To be entered in this contest, you have to do the following:
– a) goto http://Facebook.com/PetLvr … and “LIKE” the page
– b) Copy (CTRL-C) and Paste (CTRL-V) this sentence in a new discussion on the PetLvr facebook page…..
I want to enter the Flexi City 6ft Retractable Leash Giveaway” ..
Feel free to add any additional comments you might have, like the name of your dog, location of the dog on a leash if you want!
– c) upload a picture of your dog on a leash in the same discussion on our Facebook page! (optional)

(3) This Contest is Only Open to Canada and USA

Sorry, Only residents in Canada and continental USA are eligible to enter, and if declared – the winner will be shipped via Parcel Post (Canada Post) FOB my location, as soon as practical.

(4) Contest expires Midnight CST October 31, 2011

I will be posting a list of everybody who entered a valid entry in our Facebook page and assign each a number on November 1, 2011. Then I will randomly select one reader from http://random.org site, and be in touch via private message on facebook for your shipping address.

Good Luck!

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    This is a great news specially those who had a dog..It is very useful post..Thank you for sharing..

  2. Dennis Carpenter
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    I need a pet!

  3. Max M.
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    Perfect. Give your pup a little space, people! Stop smothering them! lol

  4. Karla Campos
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    Great giveaway too bad I don’t have a dog, looks like a great leash. Can it be used on children? <-j/k

    • HART (aka PetLvr Admin)
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      Hmm … well, I wouldn’t recommend putting a collar on any child, but perhaps attached to the zipper of winter parka? Could be useful in large audiences, like Olympics? Santa Parades? ehhh maybe not! 😀

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    Great idea for dog lovers. Seems like a useful product. Anything for us with cats? 🙂

  8. Alison
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    Thank you for your education on the retractable leash. I didn’t know all the benefits and I thought it was over priced! But if it prevents the leash from getting caught up in my dog’s legs…that’s a real benefit!

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