Fish Tank Supplies That Are Necessary To Keep Your Aquarium Running

By Darren Lintern

If you are just starting out with your first aquarium you may want to know what the essential fish tank supplies are are. This will include such necessities as water filters, air and water pumps, cleaning equipment, and lighting systems. The choice of fish tank supplies that you need will depend on the shape and size of your fish tank.

One of the first items on your list for fish tank supplies should be a fish tank stand. Fish tank stands are available in many materials with metal and wooden tending to be the most popular. When picking out a stand try to choose one that will blend in with the design of the rest of the room.

Fish tank hoods are equally as important, and should be at the top of your list of fish tank supplies. They are necessary to prevent the fish form jumping out of the tank and also to reduce the evaporation of the water. The highest quality hood tends to be those that are made of aluminium. They are fitted with a window for feeding the fish, have a condensation tray, a compartment for installing the lighting unit, and are light in weight.

A critical item on your list of fish tank supplies for medium and larger tanks should be a high quality water filter and pump. This will ensure an effective and efficient disposal of waste, water circulation and, recycling of the nutrients. Fortunately, many of the custom designed fish tanks will be come pre installed with pumps and filters so this is usually something the beginner need not worry about. A simple tap water filter can be used to deionise the water making it safe, and is a useful part of your fish water supplies

It may be a wise investment to select a water testing kit when you are picking out your fish tank supplies. This will enable you to determine the nitrite, PH and salt content in the water. If any problems are detected these can than be quickly corrected.

Lights will add different colours to you fish tank, and form another important part of fish tank supplies. They are available in three colours red, green or blue, and will add an attractive tint to the fish tank. Fluorescent and metal halide fish tank lights seem to be by far the most popular choice.

No list of fish tank supplies will ever be complete unless an assortment of corals, rocks, driftwood and maybe some battery powered toys are included. These accessories include battery powered wheels and divers. Ice shells, ice crystals and tiny fountains are also very popular fish tank supplies and will make your tank look more beautiful. When including any ornaments in your fish tank make sure that they are specifically labelled and intended for use in aquariums.

Do not forget to give your fish tank a green touch by installing some plant life. The plastic plants which are easy to install in your fish tank come in various designs, such as arrowhead, green and yellow spike, hair-grass and many more. They should definitely form a useful part or your fish tank supplies.

Cleaning the fish tank will be more problematic than it needs to be if you do not have the necessary fish tank supplies. Algae growth on the sides of the fish tank and collection of waste material can pose as a threat to the fragile ecosystem if not removed from the tank. Also, your fish tank will look much more attractive when it is not covered in dirt. Your fish tank supplies should therefore include an algae scrapper and also gravel cleaners, which will allow you to clean the tank and remove any dirt that sinks to the bottom of the tank.

It is important not to let the thought of cleaning the tank put you off buying your first fish tank as the pleasures of owning your own aquarium will greatly outweigh the limited amount of time needed for a cleaning routine. An ideal schedule to perform regular fish tank maintenance is every two to three weeks.

The great thing about fish tank supplies is that they are so easy to obtain with so many specialist online stores and local pet stores around, making it simple to set up an aquarium.

Darren Lintern is the author and owner of Aquarium Supplies World. For more information on Aquarium supplies, visit where you will find a wealth of information on Fish Tank Supplies including Filters, Gravel, Heaters, Lights and other Aquarium supplies for a vibrant thriving Aquarium.

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  1. Carl Strohmeyer
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    This is a good starting place for information. You want to find out more about filtration, as not all filters are equal (even in the same category such as HOB), also be aware of anecdotal advice in filters such as the popular myths about Bio Wheels.
    Test kits for ammonia, GH, and KH are important as well as ammonia is very toxic and knowing your electrolytes (via GH) is very important.

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    I like pet very much but specially i like fishes………

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