Ferret Training 104: Teaching your ferret not to bite

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47 Responses

  1. Marie Carpentier
    | Reply

    ok, i will try to… and i will use your videos to help me teach her tricks
    and stuff, and to help my sister teach tricks to her ferret. thank you so
    much! i love your videos! and Joey is so cute!

  2. Marie Carpentier
    | Reply

    should i start teaching my ferret not to bite as soon as i get her? even if
    she is a baby?

  3. smurfsUP9
    | Reply

    We just adopted a 3 year old ferret. Do we use the same techniques even
    though he isn’t a baby?

  4. Ghostbait1
    | Reply

    Joey: Why do I have to be the visual aid!?

  5. Wardah Akbar
    | Reply

    does the bite hurt?

  6. Yolanda James
    | Reply

    I have 3 ferrets and have always spent a lot of time with them..they
    learned not to bite by lots of love ..and attention ..ferrets only get mean
    when lacking love and attention…And when there babies COME ON ALL BABIES
    NIBBLE ALITTLE…maybe ferrets aren’t for you.. 

  7. Mathew Perez
    | Reply

    Thank you!

  8. Taye Mcnea
    | Reply

    Omg we have two ferrets at our house. Our baby one jaxx is so mean bites
    everyone and gets extremely greedy and bites if I’m teaching him the
    clicker. Any extra tips for especially feisty weasels 

  9. procter20
    | Reply

    Idk if you can help with my problem. I have a male ferret who only bites my
    boyfriend and/or my guy friends. He doesn’t bite me or other females only
    guys. Is this a territory thing? and if it is territory how to I break him
    from doing this? 

    | Reply

    i give mine honey on a daily bases so they enjoy there wonder if that doin
    them any harm

  11. lunarsofi
    | Reply

    thanks for the vid, its very helpful.
    Tis past week i went to see some ferrets at the store and asked if i could
    play with some, they let me hold on to 2 ferrets that were playing in the
    cage, but the younger ferret began to ‘nibble’ on me, it didnt hurt and i
    thought it was cute.
    So, would it still be necessary to teach a ferret not to bite if their
    bites dont hurt?

  12. MrSoulEaterEvans
    | Reply

    What kind of Ferret is he? He’s beautiful!!

  13. Heather Woertendyke
    | Reply

    so helpful even tho i live in Germany

  14. Anise Flavored Hot Sauce
    | Reply

    How did you get him so big and healthy? What are you feeding him?

  15. Naomi Gallagher
    | Reply

    Does he sleep with you?

  16. TerterWolfen
    | Reply

    I seen a lady at a pet store pick up a baby male ferret and he bit her real
    good. She flicked him in the face! I just didn’t know what to say! I was
    just glad she wasn’t holding the baby I was. :(

  17. Maddy Faro
    | Reply

    Can you use gloves then try to wean them off of them?

  18. Jose Velez
    | Reply

    For step: #3, I don’t have a crate, so when when my ferret,Elsa,just comes
    up to me and bites my finger,I trap her in a sombrero for 5 minutes.

  19. Ann Laporte
    | Reply

    awwww……he is such a big sweety ;)

  20. Gaia Paolelli
    | Reply

    This is girls or bois

  21. eva peterson
    | Reply

    I have just bought my first ferret and she is doing well with the no
    bitting training, (slowly getting there) and has no problem with the litter
    box. But I do have one question as this is my first ferret what age should
    I start teaching my little baby new tricks she is only 13 weeks old at the
    moment? Is there a age that she will stop learning or will she continue to
    learn through out her life?

  22. wilber vasquez
    | Reply

    Where did you buy your ferret?

  23. renee cota
    | Reply

    I buy this jumbo ferret ball it can fit 3 ferrets in it 

  24. Mathew Perez
    | Reply

    My ferret is about 2 years old and still bites me it’s not very hard but
    still to the point that it makes you jump can he still be taught?
    I’ve tried punishing him for a few minutes in the cage but it still seems
    it doesn’t go through his head what do I do?

    | Reply

    do you have any videos of when he was a baby”

  26. wilber vasquez
    | Reply

    where did you buy your ferret cause I want to buy one but a baby not grown?

  27. Ferret Lover
    | Reply

    Omg I love ur ferret I’m getting a ferret soon!!!

  28. Kawaii Ferret
    | Reply

    Joey the “Cute” TrainedFerret!

  29. MrSlimyDuck
    | Reply

    Thank you so much!!! I did the three steps an when I put him In the bad
    cage and he also scratched the side and after 5 minutes he stopped an just
    stood there. And now he doesn’t bite my toes hands or anything. This is the
    second day I have him and last night he drew blood to my mom

  30. Melanie San Inocencio
    | Reply

    Thank you !

  31. sarah tal
    | Reply

    thank you what i have started doing is when it bites me i hold it up near
    my face i say no and hiss at it then put it in the cage for 5 mins, is this
    ok to day as soon as it bites me for the first time?

  32. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    I haven’t had that experience, but I’m sure it could happen. Just like any
    other pet you might have, the potential is always there.

  33. Katie Hewett
    | Reply

    What do you feed him?

  34. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    I’d say about 3-4 Months to get him to stop completely. 90% of it stopped
    after he was fixed. Now, he will still mouth at me while playing like a
    puppy does, but I don’t consider that biting.

  35. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Joey eats Wysong ferret Epigen 90 for his kibble and a mouse(not live –
    don’t worry) every other day. If you want to research the best types of
    ferret kibble out there, I would start by searching the web for “More Dooks
    Ferret Food chart” This has been a great resource for me! There are those
    that feed raw and I’ve heard good things about the holistic ferret forum
    that you can join if you are interested in going that route.

  36. hypernova20
    | Reply

    when you say chemically castrate him??? I am confused by the sound of
    that…It sounds a bit scary to be a boy lol…how does the chemical
    castration work?

  37. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    I would warn him 1st. Thats why in my video I say tell him no, then if he
    comes right back scruff him (or hold him in front of your face & say no), &
    then if he comes back right away again crate him. This way he’ll learn that
    if he doesn’t stop when you warn him then he will have to go in the crate.
    There is no 1 correct way to train a ferret this is just what I do. Be sure
    you’re not putting him in his regular cage for his punishment. You don’t
    want him to associate it with being in trouble.

  38. Ana Magana
    | Reply

    Joey? ?? Joey graceffa lol

  39. Hillikitty
    | Reply

    Thank you so much! 🙂 I think he just wants attention too. He seems fine
    when we play so I think I need to just play more. He likes to play a lot. 🙂

  40. sarah talent
    | Reply

    hello, im 21 and i have had this ferret for a couple of days but it was
    already 8 months old when i got it and before i got it it never bit me when
    i picked it up and played with it when i was at the ladys house who owned
    it, and now that i have taken it home it always bites me when i go near it
    or pick it up, i have been doing what you say in your video but it hates
    being scruffed if i sruff it the ferret will just keep coming back and
    biting me,. i dont know what to do

  41. Zach Buhrer
    | Reply

    Have you ever given Joey whole frozen prey to eat? (Or even live prey?)

  42. Hillikitty
    | Reply

    My ferret WILL NOT stop biting me. He is new to my home. This is only his
    second day, but he plays with me just fine but he always is sniffing around
    my toes and that’s what he goes after and he just but my elbow pretty hard.
    The woman I bought him from said he didn’t bite, which is why I got him
    because my roommate has a two year old and I needed someone friendly, but
    if I can’t train him to stop, I will have to get rid of him. 🙁 I have
    another that came with him and that ferret seems to be a

  43. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Glad you liked it! :O)

  44. Sarah Guimond
    | Reply

    Your ferret is adorable! And big!! My ferret Meeko, is half his size at 5
    years old. Is your ferret a curtain breed? He’s too cute!

  45. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    hmmm thats odd. Most ferrets tend to relax when scruffed. Oh well, they are
    all unique little creatures :O) I would just try skipping that step then
    from my video. Its mainly just a warning for them before going to the
    crate. I hope this helps.

  46. MegaHermioneWeasley
    | Reply

    we also used vinegar instead of the bitter apple.

  47. pukedragon
    | Reply

    Is there anyway to train ferrets to stop biting other ferrets? i have 4
    ferrets, and i just bought the 4th one and she doesn’t play wrestle the
    other ferrets, she goes for the top of their head and starts shrieking. She
    does not bite me, and likes it when i hold her. But if another ferret gets
    too close to her she goes crazy and its not playing, its being mean and
    they are afraid of her. She’s about 2 years old. Would the same method work
    as for training not to bite people?

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