Ferret Training 101

Introduction to ferret training.

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35 Responses

  1. Shayrelick Aleman
    | Reply

    my ferret is too hyper she goes everywhere when i let her out what could i

  2. L3ap0ffatih
    | Reply

    Ive been working with my Luna and have been scruffing her from day one when
    she would bite, but she’s only seem to have gotten worse. What do I do?

  3. Aidan Hartman
    | Reply

    look at joey at 1:17 on the first vidio

  4. Tommy Colmen
    | Reply

    I have wanted a ferret for a little bit now and I would love to have one
    but I live in California is there anything I could do at all ?

  5. Phaedra Thys
    | Reply

    Hello i am about to get a ferret. I live in Greece and i wonder where can i
    fine a clicker.Where can i find it? are there ferrets in Greece?

  6. Happyhammy Ferrets
    | Reply

    For all the people asking where to get a clicker you should look at
    petsmart there like $0.50 I found them in a big container , sorry if
    pricing was off but that is what they are where I live

  7. neve perry
    | Reply
  8. Andrin Diaz
    | Reply

    We’re do u get a clicker at

  9. Amberly Frandsen
    | Reply

    I tried giving my ferrets boiled chicken but they don’t like it what should
    i do

  10. Ubbe Fr
    | Reply

    Clickers, do you really need them when it’s ferrets?

  11. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    aww thank you!

  12. christine hunt
    | Reply

    Bought a clicker today and started the “click/treat” so excited to see how
    Skittlez and I do!!!!

  13. finleytheferret
    | Reply

    Where did you get the clicker from? I’d love to get one to start training
    my little guy. I just started this channel for my ferret-related things, by
    the way, if anyone is curious. Thanks for the tips!

  14. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    I would not give this as a treat. Ferrets eat strictly meat, and I would be
    afraid that peanut butter would lead to disease later in life. It also has
    sugar in it which can lead to insulinoma. I would hate for that to happen!

  15. alexcuddeback
    | Reply

    Joy is so fluffy!! I love his color pattern 🙂

  16. FerretTV
    | Reply

    What is Ferra-Tone? (This has nothing to do with the video lol and sorry
    for asking so many random questions in your other videos! I’m getting a
    ferret for Christmas and my dad said I need to know everything I can (: )

  17. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    That is awesome!

  18. Kathryn Kaz
    | Reply

    I’m ur 101tg subscriber

  19. Sara Joy
    | Reply

    Love your ferret. Ur awesome at training. Joey must be really lucky

  20. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Ferretone is a skin & coat supplement that most ferrets go crazy for. Its
    comes in a bottle and is made of different oils. I use it sparingly as a
    treat. Your dad is a smart man for asking you to do your research. Its
    SOOOO important before getting a pet, and I wish more adults would do it.
    Pets should not be impulse buys but instead carefully thought about and
    planned for! Keep learning all you can!

  21. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    You may want to give it a couple more tries by mixing it with their food.
    My first ferret wouldn’t eat his treat at first but then loved it once I
    taught him it was food. I’ve given Joey scrambled egg before as a treat

  22. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    ha ha :O) Maybe if I get called that I can get a show on animal planet?!

  23. herAddiction88
    | Reply

    Any advice for those with more then one ferret? Should I train in another
    room? I hate the thought of taking one out and leaving the other lol but
    maybe I can sneak in while the other is sleeping. I know they are both so
    intelligent. They are both one day shy of 3 months old. My girl loves to
    jump onto the fence I use to block out my bed and one corner where the
    cords are and I can tell my boy to go get her and he will follow her and
    make her stop. I have had them one month.

  24. fiona helson
    | Reply

    I love you

  25. Alfred Feliciano
    | Reply

    They should call you the Ferret Whisperer. 🙂

  26. herAddiction88
    | Reply

    Ok I will try that. Thank you!

  27. saniwolf94
    | Reply

    Do you only have one ferret or are there other fuzzies in your household?

  28. Kathryn Kaz
    | Reply


  29. finleytheferret
    | Reply

    Awesome, thanks! 🙂

  30. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    You might be able to get a little medical syringe (w/o the needle of
    course!) and use that to put the ferretone in. My vets office recently gave
    me one to use because Joey needed some liquid antibiotics. You could train
    by clicking and then immediately giving a tiny drop out of the syringe
    until he learns that clicker = ferretone and then go from there. Be sure
    not to give too much ferretone though because it can make their stool
    runny. Good luck!

  31. The Trid
    | Reply

    Classical Conditioning at it’s best! Yay Joey! I’m subscribed!

  32. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Most pet stores have them in the dog section. You can also find them online
    for pretty cheap as well.

  33. Joey TheTrainedFerret
    | Reply

    Aww thank you!

  34. GewoonNathalii
    | Reply

    I ADORE your ferret! He’s got such beautiful colors and looks so fluffy!
    When I first saw him, i thought “wooow he’s huge!”. My own ferret is just
    half the size of Joey! Love your videos!

  35. LUNA218068
    | Reply

    can i use ferretone to clicker train my ferret? iv been trying to use it
    with the clicker training because he is a very picky eater. but im not sure
    if im doing it right. any help would be kool. thanks

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