Ferret Stories: How I got my ferret to cuddle and sleep on me

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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16 Responses

  1. Copernicus D ferret
    | Reply

    I suffer from depression and nothing picks me up more than cuddle time with
    Copernicus. Or any time spent with him, his odd behaviour brings tears of
    joy to my eyes. If it wasn’t for Copernicus I don’t know if I’d still be

    Thanks for all your advise, your vids help heaps.


  2. April Wolfie
    | Reply

    00:44 its so cute and gross at the same time xD

  3. Greta Marie
    | Reply

    I really want a ferret 

  4. Mindlesscupofcoffee
    | Reply

    Have you ever thought of recording podcasts? I think they’d be really cool
    🙂 Maybe as something like your ebook you could put on itunes? Just a
    suggestion seeing as there aren’t any good ones out there!

  5. Maggie Riojas
    | Reply

    I like your videos steph!! Keep up the excelent work!!

  6. Callie Jet
    | Reply

    I love when my ferrets kiss my nose 🙂 makes me so happy. How old were your
    ferrets when they passed 🙁 ?

  7. Erza Scarlet
    | Reply

    I really want a ferret but my dad’s allergic ;(

  8. Ferret-World
    | Reply

    Ferret Stories: How I got my ferret to cuddle and sleep on me #ferret

  9. Maevey Moore
    | Reply

    lmao ‘stop wilggling’ no compute with ferret speak…. love your videos….
    ~~~Maevevy xo

  10. chaos0shackled
    | Reply

    Can I cuddle your accent? 

  11. shelbygirl0527
    | Reply

    He did fall a sleep on me wen he was a baby but now he dose not plz help

  12. Roger Flipp
    | Reply

    Your ferrets are so cute

  13. Elsi Mihkelson
    | Reply

    my ferret is like a liqud it just slides off my lap

  14. Britain Is An Orange
    | Reply

    i love ferrets so much

  15. the golden mane br
    | Reply

    wow,how i want one,but it´s very expensive in brasil

  16. Arlena Furo
    | Reply

    Ferret Stories: How I got my ferret to cuddle and sleep on me #ferret

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