Ferret owning tips: How to prevent out-of-cage litter box “misses”


1) Don’t just let the ferrets out right away – wake them up, shut the cage door, and walk away for a few minutes.

2) After they’d gone off to sleep when they’re out playing gather everyone back up and put them back in the cage so they’re close to their litter boxes once they wake up.

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9 Responses

  1. bobbydean2
    | Reply

    we do that now.

  2. Ferretocious
    | Reply

    oh sad 🙁 If you have other cats please move them inside!!!

  3. Ferretocious
    | Reply

    I got this cage free from a shelter I volunteer for. It's the Quality Cages Ferret Mansion and retails for about $350.

  4. Ferretocious
    | Reply

    Quality Cages Ferret Mansion

  5. horsegrl27
    | Reply

    love ur vids, what is the name of ur cage?::::)

  6. Ferretocious
    | Reply

    They'll go back to sleep once you leave the room. Just don't jostle them awake while you're putting them back in the cage.

  7. liciahoops
    | Reply

    Thanks for the first tip; I already saw it on facebook and it has helped a great deal! But what do I do if I scoop them up after playtime and they wake up after they're put back in the cage?

  8. Isabel Pumphrey
    | Reply

    Um I have a ferret and his cage isnt really the right size so I was wondering where you got your cage and how much did it cost?

  9. bobbydean2
    | Reply

    hey ferretocious, i just lost one of my cats. about 10 minutes ago. my neighbor told my dad what had happened.he got hit by a car:(so me and my dad got a towel and wrapped are cat in it and buried her in the back yard.i miss her so much already:'(and also i lost my dog about 3 weeks ago:'(loved the video btw

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